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User Info: metroid00700

6 years ago#11
Iceman83 posted...
Realistic graphics? Lol.

You got to know navgtr to get the true genius behind my OP!
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User Info: Renamon

6 years ago#12
So that's why I saw Doom on the new release screen. I completely forgot it was delisted.
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User Info: Agony79

6 years ago#13
This doesn't bother me because I still have my copy of original Xbox Doom 3 Limited Edition and Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil which both have Doom and Doom 2 included on disc that work flawlessly on 360.
Where's my money, b****!

User Info: MrDummy

6 years ago#14
They need to remake the best Doom ever which is part 3...
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User Info: Theninja2004

6 years ago#15
Quote:They need to remake the best Doom ever which is part 3...

Remake 3, uh why?
Gamertag : Slashingwind
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