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Dead Island 25 on Amazon, a few Q's because I'm SERIOUSLY considering it.

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User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#1
I've seen gameplay and talked to people who have the game, so I know that I want it eventually.
First, the usual question, any viable reason to get one version over the other, the 360 vs the PS3? Aside from PS3 being online free-to-play and that stuff. Actual game performance and such? And how big is the PS3's install, as my HD space is starting to become a premium.
And second, I've heard the game has some serious and even sometimes game-breaking bugs, though I've also heard that the game is very playable, as long as you are careful with saves I assume, and things of that nature. I know they released a patch not too long after the game's release, so how is it now after that patch?
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5 years ago#2
The game is very glitchy, myself and 3 other friend bought it for $30.00 around black friday.
here's a list of what happen during our first week.

1) friend # 1 game save data got corrupted after his game froze after 10 hours of play.

2) friend # 2 got an achievement for setting 10 zombies of fire and he didnt even have a fire weapon on him, pretty soon afterwards the game got INCREDIBLE frame rate issue and all of our games froze.

overall the game needs just a whole redo, but you cant go wrong for 25, my suggestion is either play with friends (the way its meant to be played) or just play, beat it, trade it in asap so you can still get a decent amount of trade in credit.
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User Info: Brass_Eye

5 years ago#3
All the issues have been patched since release.

Since 1.3 I've had no bugs or glitches.
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User Info: JKSonic

5 years ago#4
1 - No reason unless you'd have a nice PC and wanted it on that...more what online you prefer to play on.

2 - I beat the whole game SP and had no major bugs. I think the game may have froze once or twice but there's not many games 20+ hours that don't at some point. CoOp I can't comment on.

It was definitely fun at full price and absolutely worth $25. Only terrible part was running back and forth in the sewers.
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5 years ago#5
played at release and it was nearly unplayable. the later on escort missions are near impossible sometimes due to horrid ai and bad pathing.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

5 years ago#6
The newest patch seems to have made the game a lot more stable and additionally it rebalanced the infected a bit.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#7
I have it for both PS3 & XB 360, and the PS3 version seems to have slightly better visuals, but the XB 360 version has slightly better performance. However the differences are small.
The only other noticeable difference is that for some reason the XB 360 version has very high gamma settings (glow effect), and will make the game look really bright. Even set down to low it is still considerably brighter than the PS3 version.
The XB 360 version requires 5 MB of save space, while the PS3 version requires 51 MB of space.

Also, many of the glitches (especially the save glitch) were way over-blown in proportion.
Dead Island saves at random intervals and on a constant basis. Some people were ejecting the disc or powering down the console while the game happened to be saving. This will result in a corrupted save file every time.
You are supposed to quit in the pause menu, and then allow the game to save.
The only other problems were with inventory, which rarely happened unless you over-loaded your inventories with multiples of the exact same item, or used illegally modded weapons, or tried to perform the dupe glitch (which also screwed up your game).
Also, some people who played On-line with others who had a glitched game tended to have their game become glitched as well.

But the game has also been patched a few times already that not only take care of most bugs & glitches, but also raises the MAX level cap to 60 (from 50).
I have played both versions numerous times (off-line) and have never ran into any serious bugs or glitches.
The only bugs I have ran into were the occasional graphical ones, such as zombies getting stuck in the environment, which didn't really matter as it didn't happen all that often.

Dead Island is without a doubt the best zombie game that I have ever played.
If you like Borderlands or even remotely like zombie games then you will enjoy this game.
If you are expecting it to be like Skyrim, Fallout, or Deus Ex in terms of depth, then you will be disappointed.
This is not a perfect game, but considering that the game was made by a relatively small & unknown developer, it is surprisingly good. It has a lot of variety along with plenty of quests and weapons & weapon customization. It also has the best melee combat of any game that I've ever played.

User Info: kungfucolin

5 years ago#8

From: shawnmck | #007
It also has the best melee combat of any game that I've ever played.

That's a very bold claim.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#9
kungfucolin posted...

That's a very bold claim.


^ Dead Island's combat just feels very satisfying to me....more satisfying than Elder Scrolls, Chronicles of Riddick, Condemned, or any other game that I have played of this type (first-person view).
There is no block, which can be a bit disappointing to some, but considering the type of game it is (zombies) it doesn't matter that much. Plus you get a kick attack, and eventually a stomping attack (to attack zombies while they are on the ground).
In addition, if you allow zombies to get too close then it will initiate a grapple sequence where you have to press the triggers to knock them down, otherwise you will take damage.

When you hit a zombie it will take damage (visually as well as statistically) where you might cause parts of the body to come apart, exposing bone & well as blood splatter.
Your weapon will also show signs of use as it will have blood & gore on it, and will physically degrade (pipes will bend, bats & oars will splinter, & etc). All of which can be repaired again & modified (add poison, shock, fire, blunt, etc damage) at a workbench.

Very good stuff, IMHO.
But it is after all just my opinion, and so your opinion may vary.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
5 years ago#10
What got me was the gun aim melee mechanics.
I mean, why do games utilise this?
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