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Looking for some good Splitscreen games

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User Info: Proximity42

5 years ago#1
Just recently got a 360 and for the most part most of my games are only single player friendly. I have Borderlands and UMvsC, but I am looking for some more split screen games to play with my friends and or family. I figured any of the Lego games would be a safe bet for the family, but I was wondering if there were any hidden gems out there that I wasn't aware of. Also it doesn't matter whether it's Arcade or Disk based game.
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User Info: nozomi429

5 years ago#2
Resident Evil 5 is one of the best splitscreen shooters out there.
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User Info: metroidman92

5 years ago#3
Left 4 Dead is more or less built for co-op, and supports split-screen.

Good luck finding split-screen games these days, with Live, SS gaming has almost died out.
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User Info: CatSweater

5 years ago#4
Gears of War trilogy.
Halo franchise.
Left 4 dead (1 and 2.)
Earth Defense Force insect Armageddon.

Castle Crashers (Arcade title)
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User Info: Sheepinator

5 years ago#5
Lara Croft XBLA.

Black Ops has SS zombies, MW3 has SS Spec Ops.

User Info: JediMasterColey

5 years ago#6
Go back in time. Sadly this generation is not known for it's couch co-op support.

In all seriousness
Hunted: the Demon Forge, not a bad game, but co-op is solid and funish, and the game can be bought fairly cheap now.

Halo, gears, some of the CoDs.

Crimson alliance, a pretty fun Gauntlet Dark legacy type game
Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, a slightly buggier less fun Crimson alliance.

I am sure there are a few others but it's late and Ia m tired.

User Info: sailormacross

5 years ago#7
rage has a a few offline co-op levels
rainbow vegas 2 is a great game
lego games have splitscreen
army of two
fear 3
black ops has an update where you can play splitscreen co-op with ai bots on mutilplayer
fable games suppose to have offline coop

gears of wars
left 4 dead

i'll look up some more later
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User Info: Proximity42

5 years ago#8
Can't believe I forgot about Left 4 Dead series. I'm a huge fan of the Zombie mode in CoD and although I know L4D is a different can of worms all together, I know i'll have a blast with that.

I'll probably end up picking up a used copy of L4D as well as a random Lego game. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
XBL: Proximity85
"If belts hold up pants, but the pant loops hold the belt, who`s the real hero?"

User Info: gorilla47

5 years ago#9
In addition to the ones posted:

EDF 2017
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2
Sacred 2
First Templar


Streets of Rage 2
Guardian Heroes
Castle Crashers
Scott Pilgrim
Final Fight
Dungeon Defenders
Hydro Thunder
Lara Croft
Spare Parts
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies Must Die
Hard Corps
Moon Diver
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