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Multiplayer RPGs or dungeon crawlers?

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User Info: jimjay9k

5 years ago#1
I'm kinda tired of shooters and sports games on Live. Are there any MMO-like or loot-based dungeon crawlers with an active multiplayer community?

I tried Minecraft, but it isn't for me. I also tried Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma. Good, but they don't have true multiplayer.

User Info: Fides_Invictus

5 years ago#2
Dungeon Siege 3 and Dungeon Defenders sound up your alley.
There also Castle Crashers if you dont mind a little Beat 'em up with your looting.
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User Info: KentF

5 years ago#3
There's not a whole lot of this type of game available right now. Your best bets would be to look into Borderlands (Borderlands 2 is coming out in September, also), though the basic gameplay is that of a first-person shooter, people love the game because it's basically as if Diablo had guns and were played from first-person (tons of loot, skill trees, character classes, etc.).

If Borderlands 2 is even half as good as the first game, it'll probably still be the best game to come out this year. However, the gameplay is that of a first-person shooter.

Outside of that, there's Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on XBLA. With a friend or two, you can easily expect a hundred hours out of the game, even without looking into the DLC content (I do recommend getting the DLC stages if the game strikes your fancy - I haven't tried the DLC characters though).

If you have a decent PC from the past couple years, you could look into Diablo III. Not an Xbox 360 game, but it sounds like exactly the sort of thing you're looking for otherwise (if you're not familiar with Diablo, download the trial for Torchlight on XBLA and think of that, but multiplayer).

I'd love to see more games like this on the 360, since they're really among my favorites, but outside of a Borderlands and the old Phantasy Star Online games, you're unfortunately pretty much out of luck if you're looking for decent ones.
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User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#4
"Are there any MMO-like or loot-based dungeon crawlers with an active multiplayer community?"

First off, let me get the most obvious out of the way.
I'm assuming you don't have Diablo 3 and/or are unable to get/play said game? If you are, get it, that'll cover your loot-based dungeon crawler needs for QUITE some time to come.
Past that, got a PS3 and/or Wii? Wii has Xenoblade Chronicles, which is a single-player RPG but is VERY MMO-like in it's combat and overall setup, great game overall too. Wii also has Monster Hunter Tri, which has loot-based, but to a lesser degree than maybe what you want.

PS3? White Knight Chronicles II (comes with a remastered version of the first game on the disc as well), another single-player RPG with a very MMO-like setup, especially in combat, and it's also got a multiplayer component as well (so does Monster Hunter on the Wii for that matter).

360? Sacred 2. It's the closest to Diablo you'll get that has multplayer, as Torchlight (awesome by the way) but it's single-player only. Sacred 2 has online up to 4, I think, together, and I think you can do 2 locally in split screen. You need to make sure you use a 'good' build though if you want to get into the higher levels and difficulties. You should be able to get it fairly cheap now if you can find it. Don't know how active it is online, but you have some friends you know who have it or would get it as well, that'd be great.

Dungeon Siege 3, granted, only the demo I've played, but it was VERY lackluster, and I liked the first two games. I'd EASILY recommend Sacred 2 over that.

Dungeon Defenders was recommended, and it's cool, it's really cool, and it's got some of the loot aspect to it, but it's a tower defense game, not a dungeon crawler first, just so you know, but the trial is free, so give it a shot I suppose.

Borderlands also recommended, and I give it the nod as well. GREAT game, lots of fun, great look visually, and fun action/combat. It's a FPS game that's a loot driven 'Diablo-clone', it sounds crazy, but that's what it is, and they pulled it off wonderfully. I'm really hoping they can do well with the sequel.
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User Info: jimjay9k

5 years ago#5
Thanks for all the suggestions. Yeah, my PC sucks, and all the people enjoying Diablo III are making me hungry for loot, haha.
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