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The Last of Us

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User Info: TheBabyCakes2

5 years ago#1
When is it coming out on 360?

User Info: Doukouscar

5 years ago#2
After Sony smash Bros
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User Info: Patchwork

5 years ago#3
When Lance Armstrong grows his other testicle back.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

5 years ago#4
We might get a kinect version.
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User Info: DerekRoss

5 years ago#5
It will soon, call Tomb Raider.

User Info: faris_ruhi

5 years ago#6
DerekRoss posted...
It will soon, call Tomb Raider.

What's her number?
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User Info: DerekRoss

5 years ago#7
(360) 3-5-2013


User Info: GTA_VI

5 years ago#8
Last of Us will be meh
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User Info: ewalk

5 years ago#9
DerekRoss posted...
(360) 3-5-2013


Very clever, Post of Honor awarded.

Achievement Unlocked.
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