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So how can the Surface tablet play Xbox360 games? Similar to Wii U?

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  3. So how can the Surface tablet play Xbox360 games? Similar to Wii U?

User Info: bloodlover4ever

5 years ago#1
Saw several videos about this and about the Smart Glass app but seriously nothing is clear so far!

1. Can you play, let us say, a complex game like Skyrim on you Surface Tablet using Smart Glass, provided that you are running the original game on Xbox360?

2. Or, only some arcade titles????

I might end up getting the tablet and the smart glass app if it is really that good but I have a feeling that this will be released when Xbox720, or whatever they call it, comes out.


User Info: takidigits2005

5 years ago#2
Even if it's released as part of the new Xbox, I'm not interested.
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5 years ago#3
You could stream it to a tablet/ phone with a little hassle, it probably wouldn't be able to do the TV at the same time though.

For mini-maps and HUDs and inventory management should be relatively easy.

It's unlikely you'll see (m)any games that offer streaming the main screen to tablet simultaneously, unless it's a really simple game.

There's little reason though that the Xbox 720 won't be able to do anything the WiiU doesn't do.

User Info: levyjl1988

5 years ago#4
Great another clone of the iPad, sigh... what happned to the original Microsoft Surface with gesture support, multi-touch, stylus input, pressure sensitivity etc. Add a photoshop program on a tablet with a stylus, long battery, and you got yourself a winner. I hate drawing with a friggin finger, there's a reason why we moved on from cave man finger drawings to increase precision with pens, pencils, etc.
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User Info: Foppe

5 years ago#5
My thoughts is to wait for Microsoft to say exactly what it can do before you start planning to buy one
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User Info: the_real_one

5 years ago#6
Interesting discussion, I will tell you something interesting:
I hate the iPad as I feel it is useless but I love my iPhone and I believe it is the best smart phone ever. I don't like Windows PC but I like Apple Mac, now this new product got me interested in MS windows again.
I love my Xbox 360 and I like gaming the way it is right now but I don't mind any additional crazy idea as far as it is not Kinect related.
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  3. So how can the Surface tablet play Xbox360 games? Similar to Wii U?

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