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I wish there were more games like...(finish the sentence)

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User Info: Dr Jackal

Dr Jackal
5 years ago#1
Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Undefeated lifetime.
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User Info: desert_santa

5 years ago#2
Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Heavy Rain, Mario Galaxy, Mass Effect, Skyward Sword, Trails in the Sky, Uncharted 2 and the Witcher 2.

Those were the 10/10 worthy games to me this gen!

User Info: ChubbierTube

5 years ago#3
Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
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User Info: JenniferTate

5 years ago#4
Just Cause 2.
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User Info: Jukain

5 years ago#5
THE iDOLM@STER. Except released outside of Japan.
"In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice." ~ The Grey Wardens

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
5 years ago#6
Noire style writing, playing as a police officer flying a post war gunship to enforce the law in a cyberpunk future on Calisto, a moon of Jupiter.

What part of that sentence doesn't sound awesome?
"I don't know, it's an impossible choice...I just have to hope that when I flip the coin it somehow explodes and kills me."

User Info: sanadawarrior02

5 years ago#7
Dr Jackal posted...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I agree.
Marauder Shields - Never forget... he tried to save us. ;_;7

User Info: Otimus

5 years ago#8
Zelda. Seriously, it's one of the most popular franchises in history, and also one of the least cloned.
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User Info: Tube_of_Noob

5 years ago#9
Star Wars Battlefront
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User Info: gwynplaine

5 years ago#10
dark souls and gears of war 3
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  3. I wish there were more games like...(finish the sentence)

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