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what are some gamertags of famous people?

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User Info: Prealienking

5 years ago#11
ShamblerQ posted...
GingivitisLeg posted...
Not just bettin but also straight BEATING people. His dual weapon skills in Halo is a work of art.


*raises eyebrow*

Come on. He has to be good at something in his lifetime, and we all know music isn't that thing.
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User Info: swatkiller546

5 years ago#12
jack black plays i know that!!
GT: Swatkiller546
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User Info: mixwizzard2

5 years ago#13
I've seen some threads on other forums back in the XBOX 1/ early 360 days that had some well-known peoples tags on them.

Found this list, don't know how much truth is in this:

"Famous in Entertainment and Other
Bill Gates- MSgates123
Floyd Mayweather- MayWeatherKO -credit to Identon
Lil Wayne- TheDestroyer
Ludacris- xrider
Eddie Murphy-Im Eddie Murphy
Eminem- your_an_idiot2414 - account closed
50 Cent- Kid4Life- does not exist
Soulja Boy- SouljaBoyTellEm - credit to 73Chevelle
Kid Rock- SeeWhatsCookin
Bam Margera - Gumball 3000
Ludacris - xrider
Adrian Peterson- SoonerPride28
Colt Cannon(famous skateboarder)- Coltron3030
Kid Rock - SeeWhatsCookin
Paul Wall - T Paul Wall
Matt Leinart- KingofTroy11
Dave Navarro & his band- PanicChannel
Members of the band O.A.R. - OARMarc, OARBenj,OARJerry, OARChris, andRichOARd
Michelle Rodriguez- MRodriguez
Willis McGahee - WMcGahee21
Dan Cody- OKDanCody80
Grant, the bassist from underoath: youmissedme
Jim Carrey - Jim_Carrey
Mr. T - T100
Michael Halford - Coola
Megan Fox 2009--- Megan Fox--- thanks KiLLeR52431
Dane Cook- DANE COOK --- Beware of fake Dane Cook gamertag which is: DaneCook.. lol
x leroy Jenkins-- leroy jenkins--thanks McDonald15"

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User Info: OrgeLambart

5 years ago#14
whats the point

Send FR

FR gets denied...

Send more FR

Odds are these aren't real tags of famous people, and if they are, why would you care enough to want to befriend them anyway?

User Info: Ned_Mandingo

5 years ago#15
Fred Durst is DURST LBGC

He plays COD a lot
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User Info: Assassin_X_Geth

5 years ago#16
THere are many celebs/famous people that use Live. Obviously most don't release their gamertag.

With that said a year after 360 was released I played with Wayne Brady in Rainbow Six Vegas I believe. And yes it was him. He was doing all kinds of improve with things in game and most of the team was to busy laughing to play good at all. lol.

Once I did play with Eminen. I can't recall the game. Who was an idiot and thinking was amazing. I actually left the game because I don't care for him at all.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#17
Ned_Mandingo posted...
Fred Durst is DURST LBGC

He plays COD a lot

That what he's been doing since his career tanked 10 years ago?
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User Info: buddhamonster

5 years ago#18
DarthJasonG posted...
I will say that it is a safe bet that most famous people are not on XBOX live, and for the few that are, it is probably very rare that they are on there. Most famous people's lives are way to busy to have a lot of spare time for video games. I know a lot of them do play games, I just don't think they do it often.

You'd be surprised how many celebrities play online games.

However, when asked about their gamertag, 9 times out of 10, they'll refuse to say what it is.

Naming celebrity tags is gonna be extremely challenging, as most would like to enjoy their games in private without a thousand morons sending friend requests every ten minutes.
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User Info: JenniferTate

5 years ago#19
Lord 187x – Ice-T
MRxzibit38 – Xzibit

Those are the only confirmed ones I've seen.
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User Info: MemoJetfic

5 years ago#20
giantbombing go harrass jeff gerstmann lmfao
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