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are u a supporter of DLC? or not?

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User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#11
Perfect Light posted...
I don't like DLC that feels like it should have been part of the main game. Mass Effect 2, one of my favorite games of all time, was guilty of this. Rockstar's Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony, however, are DLC done right.

This. I hate 90% of DLC, but because of the way it's handled. Not because I hate the idea of DLC in general.

It used to be that exceptional PC games would get expansion packs months or years after release, and most of the time consoles would miss out on that.
DLC was to be the perfect solution, but then ass hat companies like EA saw it as an excuse to screw the consumer for a buck.

So yeah, DLC sucks this gen. But every now and then a company will do it right (GTA, RDR, Fallout).

User Info: GorillaOnRoof

5 years ago#12
I'm only a supporter of DLC when it is gouging.
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User Info: larieNL

5 years ago#13
I support some DLC´s yes,

The DLCs that get produced after the game has launched is an extra service im willing to pay for, however some games (L.A. Noire for instance) has on-disc DLC which basically means we have to pay to unlock the complete game which we already paid for...

The one who though of the latter one deserves a headshot if u ask me, other than that I'm all up for DLC if it makes the experience better.

User Info: Yams

5 years ago#14
If it's an honest-to-god addition, and not something they cut out for an extra five bucks, then yes, I don't mind. *pause* Of course, I usually wait until the game's cheaper than the DLC anyway, so I'm not too sure.

User Info: Fiyun

5 years ago#15
Depends on the game, what it adds and how much it costs.
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User Info: renskyfire

5 years ago#16
Content that should have been in from the getgo, like a certain squad member in ME3 or disk locked content are things I despise. Things like Dawnguard I am alright with(though I will admit I think they could have at least made a few new dungeons for radiant quests). What I want from DLC is stuff like Shivering Isles, where its an outright expansion pack. If you're going to charge me 25-30 bucks, at least take the time to make some new stuff and not a quick cash in is mostly how I feel.
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User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#17
While I wouldn't say "hell yeah, I'm not missiong out on DLC", I am interested in it. DLC is one of those things that I pick and choose, I don't buy skins, weapon packs, or other crap like that but I will buy multiplayer maps and single player content.
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User Info: Liquid_Wolf_mgs

5 years ago#18
I'm a supporter of the idea , it's nice that we have the opportunity to get add-ons for our favorite games to extend play time and add new features . However more and more DLC items are blatant cash grabs or withheld content that developers sell at a later date which is just utter BS . Games like Skyrim/Oblivion had GOOD DLC , while alot of EA games have BAD DLC .
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User Info: Dev445

5 years ago#19
I love DLC; I buy DLC for all my games. It extends the life of a good game. The only time I don't buy DLC is when its on the disc. Like what capcom did with SFXT, im not paying for something that's already on the disc **** that.
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User Info: Headband_Kush

5 years ago#20
I'm a supporter of it, I just never buy any of it because I don't feel it's worth it. For the games I play, anyways.
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