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The next XBOX is going to sell really badly

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User Info: Vipa1985

5 years ago#41
Seksii_Girl_3 posted...
BrutalBrocken posted...
I dont think its Microsofts fault that Rare flopped or if rejoining Nintendo would change that. Kameo, PDZ, and the few other games they made were not huge hits. But Rare does make the Avatars and the Wii Sports series which were much bigger hits. So who knows maybe RARE is making the greatest game ever made right now

I think Kameo is great and PDZ was decent which just shows they can make quality titles but are shoveled with crap Microsoft wants to push. Hopefully they make Killer Instinct 3.

KI3 and Timesplitters 4 would make me buy a XBOX 720.

Prepare to sadface i'm afraid...

This was posted earlier today:

I think Rare & Crytek have both missed out on a huge oppourtunity this gen, fighting games & FPS' have been the biggest selling genres & yet no new Timesplitters, no new Killer Instinct & no new Perfect Dark.... shame

I suppose there may be a ray of light in that Crytek may decide to release that HD version of TS2 & with Micro$oft renewing the KI license recently & making a point of announcing it had there may be something happning but i guess we've gotta wait & see..

User Info: Navex

5 years ago#42
Ads are crap but I've tolerated them for years so I won't care as long as they don't get bigger or more widespread than they are now. As for the exclusives who the **** cares. Sony has lost many of theirs years ago and they're still going. Exclusives don't sell the system and keep an entire system going in case you didn't know that.
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User Info: degen2011

5 years ago#43
I only game on 360, and have since 2008.

In the past 2 years the console has taken a massive dive in quality and content. Right now the only reason I haven't jumped to PS3 is friends and party chat.

I'll hold out hope for the '720' though, but Microsoft have a lot to fix.

User Info: _OujiDoza_

5 years ago#44
The ads are annoying and if you pay for the gold option you should be given the option to turn them off, they are intrusive and it's not all that simple to just "ignore" the ****ing things.

If you aren't going to jump right into a game, you have to jump past 3-4 sections just to even see any other game options now with all the ads and apps...I'm kinda tired of it.

I'd like to think the nextBOX will improve somehow but I'm not that blind not to see that sometimes a build-up of little annoyances can become a big problem.

As for RARE, meh, but I kinda understand the sentiment.
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User Info: DakhanavarX

5 years ago#45
gabrius posted...

The 360 had, by far, the best library of games this gen.

Don't get me wrong, there are several MUST HAVE titles for all 3 systems, but most of my game time goes to the 360.

Pretty much this for me as well. It's the go-to console for most multiplatform games, shmups, and downloadable titles this gen. Exclusives are a matter of preference, but I've thoroughly enjoy many of the "lesser" retail exclusives like EDF, Chromehounds, Culdcept Saga, Crackdown, Kameo, Viva Pinata, etc. (Along with enjoying the bigger exclusives as well)

Most of the best games this gen have been multiplatform anyway, so I'm not quite sure why people think if an exclusive hasn't come out in the last 48 hours then there hasn't been anything worth playing in the last 6 months. (I should say a retail, non-Kinect, non-PC exclusive, otherwise many people won't count it)

Well actually I do know, it's so people have something to whine about constantly. It's amazing that something like playing video games causes so much rage & stress for people. Play games, have fun, lighten up...or maybe find a different hobby? If you don't like a game or console, don't play it. There's not exactly a shortage of great games out there.
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User Info: CGB_Spender

5 years ago#46
I laugh at people who say 360 only gets Halo, Gears and Forza. XBLA games should count and be a huge factor when purchasing a new system since they are consistently better than most exclusive retail games for all systems right now.

User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#47
I agree with TC. I loved my 360 for the first few years, but if it wasn't for the first few years of exclusives then I'd probably sell it.

If Sony decides to keep PSN free next gen that will mean 3 free options (Wii U, PC or PS3) for online play. And if the next Xbox is going to have 99% of the same games as those three platforms then the choice seems pretty simple to me.

Just remember that the PS2 destroyed the Xbox last gen it and due to a bunch of stupid decisions on Sony's part the PS3 had an awful start this gen, so anyone that thinks the 360 will be in top spot next gen just because it did well this gen might be in for a surprise.

User Info: bossk5

5 years ago#48
"I'm not trolling, i own a 360."

The fact that you felt the need to include this means you almost certainly are.
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User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#49
CGB_Spender posted...
I laugh at people who say 360 only gets Halo, Gears and Forza. XBLA games should count and be a huge factor when purchasing a new system since they are consistently better than most exclusive retail games for all systems right now.

While I agree that a lot of XBLA games are great, can you honestly justify buying a brand new console next gen for some arcade game when they could just as easily be made for the 360?

Arcade games don't exactly push the 360 to the limit at the moment. Do these indie devs really need all that extra RAM and processing power that next gen consoles will offer?

User Info: SythisTaru

5 years ago#50
I'm thinking Steam will win the next generation of games/consoles.
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