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So you cannot rent games in Canada anymore...

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User Info: Eamon696

5 years ago#11

User Info: justinlynch3

5 years ago#12
I think renting is dying out simply because people don't rent as much anymore. Years ago I use to went before every game I brought, now, I'm fine saving a few bucks, going to Wal-Mart, and picking up a cheap game from the bargain bin and simply taking a chance on it. Then you have used game stores that sell loads of games cheap. Plus, many retail games drop quickly in price now anyway.

A local store near me tried to get into renting out movies after moving to a larger building and going under new management. However it didn't stick and they ditched it, going to to what they was doing before, focusing their effort on their food and drink products.

I think between the used games, online video reviews, quickly dropping prices, even piracy (huge for music and movies). There just isn't that demand anymore for rental services like there usd to be.
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User Info: RedFive3

5 years ago#13
MeCha MaRiO JR posted...
There's a few Rogers here in Victoria still. I stopped renting games ages ago though.

Victoria kicks ass, I went there on a family vacation when i was 13. Took the Ferry from Seattle. Great city you guys got!
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User Info: DisturbedIcon

5 years ago#14
Yeah it's been dead in Montreal for just over a year as far as I can see. :(

We had Le Super Club Videotron run by Quebecor Media and they got put down by Blockbuster. I preferred Le Super Club, begrudgingly rented from Blockbuster after.

Then BB went belly up. *******

Really sucks man.
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User Info: _Spot_

5 years ago#15
Le Super Club Videotron. That sounds like a name of a weird anime lol.

User Info: RPGNinja123

5 years ago#16
Extraspectre posted...
Blockbuster is gone here and Rogers shut down their physical dvd/game rental service.


Blockbuster shut down in the United States like a year ago near me, they are doing terrible as a company because of other competitors, it is sad really I looked upon Blockbuster with fondness for my SNES renting days with searching for the latest RPGs.
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