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Do you actually mark people on Xbox live for positive gameplay?

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  3. Do you actually mark people on Xbox live for positive gameplay?

User Info: bl00_reTurned

5 years ago#1
Just yes or no will work, but if you feel like explaining than we'll try to read it.


Why? Too many random choobs to sort through all of them to say whether or not they sucked or was did great.

Although for time to time I get a bag so douchy, I have to mark "avoid", just to ensure I don't cross paths with them again.

User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#2
Honestly, I forgot that XBL had that feature.
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User Info: RedFive3

5 years ago#3
I'm your huckleberry...
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User Info: -TigerJackson-

5 years ago#4
No. Its human nature to fill the world with negativity instead.
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User Info: lastrocker

5 years ago#5
yes, especially with games that you play for periods of time with limited numbers of other players. for example if i were to play co-op in dead rising and enjoy the session - i prefer them. also in fighting games, if i enjoy playing them, or they're good at it, or were about the same skill - preferred. & the opposite applies as well, but usually only if it seems they're out of their way nasty or cheating.

User Info: zyxomma100

5 years ago#6
If an ally is being nice and communicating to the team, or if an enemy says "good game" I'll give them a positive if I feel like dealing with the slow dashboard.

User Info: Kingmichael1337

5 years ago#7
only for negative. tbh i don't want to continue playing with most people i meet on xbox live--not even the ones i like.
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User Info: iTossSalads

5 years ago#8
No. I haven't even used that feature since probably the first Left 4 Dead game. Kind of forgot all about it.

User Info: HMXTaylor_Lee

5 years ago#9
No, it's often too time consuming.

The matching system seems pointless anyways - even I loath a player and mark them as such, it will still stick me with them.

User Info: barrysshoes

5 years ago#10
I mark as many people as possible, good or bad
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  3. Do you actually mark people on Xbox live for positive gameplay?

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