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Has there ever been a game where audio logs didn't replace story cutscenes?

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  3. Has there ever been a game where audio logs didn't replace story cutscenes?

User Info: CyhortI82

5 years ago#1
My biggest problem with any game with audio logs is that the developers usually use them as an excuse to cut way back on the cutscenes, character interaction and/or just the story in general. And I hate that. I hate having to unlock most of the important plot points through collectables instead of getting a coherent narrative through cutscenes. But I kinda like finding them. They're the only things I've ever had fun collecting in a game. So, are there any games that have audio logs and still most of the story told through cutscenes?
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User Info: StucklnMyPants

5 years ago#2
Arkham Asylum and Arkham City both have a good bit of audio logs that you can pick up as extras. Most of the important parts of the story are told through cutscenes, but there is a lot of radio banter going on that moves the story along as well. Bioshock 1 and 2 both have a ton of audio logs that add flavor and backstory to the game (as in they're optional and are really there just to flesh things out). But also, most of the main story in the game is fed to you in real time over the radio, so it's not exactly what you're looking for.

The Darkness' story is told mainly through cutscenes or dialog through characters. It also has collectible phone numbers that you can pick up throughout the world, and then use when you get near a payphone. These are audio clips from different (no-name) characters and don't provide any backstory. They are more about quick and often inane banter, but it's still interesting nonetheless.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
5 years ago#3
Bioshock did a good job at the audio logs, I feel.
With a game coming in as in medias res it helps to have some form of plot and world exposition relayed on you. FF13 did it the stupid way by dumping an encyclopedia on your lap and saying "Read this, dumbass".

Of course, audio logs are also easilly abusable. Prototype 2 did the stupid audio log thing where most were
A: "Hey dude, do you think we should be doing this?"
B: "Stop being a wuss, what's the worst that could happen?"
A: "I dunno, it just feels like we shouldn't be doing this."
B: "Stop being such a fraidy cat nothing's gonna......hey did you hear that?"
A: "Hear what?"
*Monster roars, characters scream, audio cuts out*
Or variations of that. Other examples include "Person leaving final note as creature breaks through the door" and "Scientist conducting evil experiment on unwitting terrified test subject, ending in machine noises and screams".
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User Info: Twinmold

5 years ago#4
The only game I can think of that sort of did this is Metroid prime, but those games had barely any story anyway so it wasn't a loss.
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  3. Has there ever been a game where audio logs didn't replace story cutscenes?

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