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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

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User Info: Matt_256

5 years ago#141
PsychoWolfX posted...
I sold most of my NES, SNES and most of the games to a friend one summer and spent the money on Pokemon cards and junk food.

Getting Majora's Mask for Christmas and not having to wait for like a month for stores to get expansion packs back in stock.

2 stolen PS2's

My first wii and 360 breaking

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, which I was very addicted to for the better part of a decade, degradeing into a bot infested mess.

I would have like to continue living without reading that first sentence. Just horrifying..

I posted mine on the first page but I'm gonna post another one but it was my brother, not myself. He didn't even have his original playstation for a year and he bought this crappy 3rd party controller, I can't even remember what brand it was but something in the back of my mind is screaming "Mad Catz". He got it home, unwrapped it, plugged it in, turned on his PSX and realized the controller wasn't working. Odd. He then realized that the second port was working with his old controller and put his new controller into that port and it wasn't working in that one either. Maybe my controllers defective he thinks..? Nope. He then plugged in his standard controller into port 1 and then 2 and realized both of his controller ports were now completely FRIED and his Playstation was rendered completely useless. This was back in the day too, this thing wasn't cheap at the time especially for us being 14 or 15 years old and he paid for it with his OWN money too so it's really heartbreaking when crap like that happens. He saved all his birthday and christmas money to get this thing with money he got from shovelling driveways in the winter.

Called up the company and complained and they basically told us that there was no way we could prove that it was their product that fried our Playstation and offered ZERO compensation. So Sorry. Even though it clearly was. Luckly my mom ended up buying him another Playstation because she felt so bad for him.

It was cool though, we always had one of the new systems between the two of us. I'd have the Genesis and he'd get the SNES. I'd get the N64 and he'd get the PSX and so forth. Worked out well lol

User Info: Benny-26

5 years ago#142
My Gran Turismo 3 save file of many many hours going corrupt...then that corrupt data somehow spreading to other save files.

I was too scared to save or play anything back then.

User Info: Kuisami

5 years ago#143
Megaman X4 was washed with soap... *sigh* not the worst, but definitely really stupid.
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User Info: Madridiq8e

5 years ago#144
Disgaea 3,, 150+ hours of playing and the data got corrupted during saving the game.,, after few months I played it again all the way

User Info: DAT_DANG_

5 years ago#145
I have a couple I have caused and a couple that have happened to me.

That i caused... Digimon World 2. My brother and I both used the same Memory Card (You know where this is going) and he had FINALLY gotten his first Ultimate Digimon so he was proud. He let me get on and I proceeded to accidentally save over his file. I felt sooooo bad. I still feel bad (We joke about it now, but I still hate that it happened)

Second one I caused... Pokemon Red/Blue had just come out. I was still a kid and I was playing at my friends house. We were outside by their pool and one of my friends wanted to show me their pokemans. I thought to myself "Hey, it would be cool to play a gameboy underwater..." and yeah. Luckily I had an extra Gameboy so we gave it to him.

Happened to me... My Dad traded his old Atari and all of his games to my Cousins for 2 of the old fat Gameboys because we wanted him to. I absolutely hate that it happened but my Dad wanted to make us happy.

Second one that happened to me... My Brother and I had 2 of every system last gen (2 Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2) because our parents are divorced so instead of packing them up everytime we switched houses they bought us double of each system. Anyways, another family member that didn't live with us was really into gaming but still played the old games. They were extremely interested in playing the newer ones so we let them have one of our PS2's and Gamecubes... Just to find out they sold it shortly after. Wasn't a huge deal for us but it was still pretty lame. They apologized and feel bad about it though.
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User Info: DemonicChaosXX

5 years ago#146
cifer520 posted...
Didn't happen to me, but it sure beats out my OoT save corrupt story. A friend of mine brought his 360 to a house party a couple weeks after it came out, when they were still going for triple the price on eBay. He leaves the room to talk to me in the kitchen which is why I feel so bad about it. When he went back a few minutes later, gone. They even took the damn box.

I could not stop laughing at how stupid your friend was.
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

5 years ago#147
Sonic and the Secret Rings.
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User Info: Shuri_KenSS

5 years ago#148
I became addicted to collectors editions (that's an expensive addiction)

User Info: Stilghar

5 years ago#149
Losing some awesome TIE Fighter gun camera footage, including a clip of one of my wingmen committing suicide by randomly breaking formation and faceplanting into a Star Destroyer (my carrier/base ship for the mission) at a respectable fraction of C.

User Info: hamchunk

5 years ago#150
I had been playing through Banjo nuts and bolts with my 5 year old daughter, we had put in around 20 hours when one day she said "I want to start over" and restarted the save file. I wasnt really mad at her because it's her game and she's so little but man was I sad to see that progress gone...
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