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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

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User Info: Siara_Sedai

5 years ago#211
I grew up with the NES too and Atari before that. I enjoy AVGN's show. But invertedlegdrop said this: "...seriously go watch the AVGN's video on's that bad"
as if he believes that the review is fact and that the game is as bad as AVGN makes it look. So I hope your comment was directed at him and not me.
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User Info: invertedlegdrop

5 years ago#212
Sorry friend but i did not like the game either. I played it, and i did not like it either. I didn't like Zelda 2 either also so it's not a double standard with me. I still have the game, and i won't be rid of it. If you liked it, good for you. Some games whether hated by some are liked by others. Heck i can sink 50+ hours into the Koei Warriors games, so i know what it is like to love a game or series that others don't respect.

Bottom line is i played Rambo and i didn't like it. If you liked the game, just enjoy it. I played Rambo before seeing the Nerds video so it did not shape my perception of the game.
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User Info: Kyonshi

5 years ago#213
Boogly360 posted...
I got a Sega Master System instead of the NES I asked for :(

LOL! You actually had a better game system! The available game library was just less than Nintendo.

User Info: fkdfeller

5 years ago#214
Have quite a few,

1. First 360 I owned, got it on Christmas annnnnnnnd the hard drive was broken had to wait until the stores opened up to get a new one

2. Every crappy ps1/ps2 memory card that crapped out on me, madkatz, the one with the basketball on it, the 5 in 1, I had them all and they all just died out.

3. Starting my own game in Zelda on my brothers copy of the game, I made sure not to write over anything but the next day the game was wiped clear. I guess the cartridge battery burned out. I think to this day he still thinks I did it.

4. My scumbag uncle talking me in to selling him a milk crate full of NES games for $25. Way to scam a 12 year old br0

5. Laser burned my MW2 when I dropped a painting on top of my xbox mid game

User Info: ParadiseRegaind

5 years ago#215
Had two original Xboxs die on me due to the power supplies failing. No way to backup most saves and DLC meant hundreds of hours lost for games like KoToR, Fable, Morrowind, etc... plus no way to ever get DLC back now that original Xbox Live is discontinued. I still love playing Halo 2, but I can't get all of the maps back. KoToR? No Yavin Station, etc...
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User Info: Grand_Blue

5 years ago#216
My sister erased my Pokemon Sapphire with my recently obtained shiny Mudkip, shiny Zigzagoon, and shiny Numel. I still don't have all of them replaced.

User Info: _OujiDoza_

5 years ago#217
A lot of females' killing us fellas dreams ITT >_>
GT: PrinceDoZeR

User Info: Cage2004

5 years ago#218
2 words....Panasonic 3DO
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User Info: EZ_711

5 years ago#219
Too many games, too little time.

User Info: swatkiller546

5 years ago#220
lol i remember one of my friends started a new game and overwrited my saved data on mission impossible on the nintendo 64! And I was on the laser part too! I was so mad!!
GT: Swatkiller546
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