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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

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User Info: YodaCrackers

5 years ago#41
RROD a few days before GTA IV's release. I was never so hyped for any game before. Fortunately, I also had a PS3 so I just switched my pre-order over to the PS3 version. Then I just bought the 360 version as well after I got my console back from the repair center.
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User Info: DashCorrida

5 years ago#42
The power went out during the final area of Persona, lost alot of time. I was not happy.
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User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#43

User Info: Afrotastic_J

5 years ago#44
When my Mass Effect 1 and 2 save files were corrupted.

150+ hours, and I found out right after buying ME3. Had to play ME 1 and 2 again while ME3 sat there, begging to be played.

Besides that, losing my N64, or selling a bunch of awesome Gamecube games and not getting s*** back for it. (Thinking about you, Super Mario Sunshine!)
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User Info: corystroh

5 years ago#45
When I had an entire week set aside to play games because my wife was on vacation out of state and I was on a week long break after finals, and then RROD...
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User Info: MT_TRAEH

5 years ago#46
not having enough time to play all of my games, it's still my problem now and for the rest of my life
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User Info: Bryce528

5 years ago#47
buying a new console or handheld and then after 1 month they would release a much better version with more functions

User Info: Kyonshi

5 years ago#48
The 32X.

Most people probably won't remember or even know what that is, but thats the worst thing ever happening to me in video games. Calling it a flop is still a weak definition for this "console".

At that time, i was 17 and it cost me 210$, which was a crapload of minimum wage salary at that time. Sega barely supported it, no developers wanted to waste money and time with this "thing". So years later, after collecting dust, i pulled it out of my wardrobe and sold it to a pawn shop... for 20$. I pity the foolish guy who bought it back. If they ever were able to sell it...

Other than that, i'd say my first PS2 that died right after the 3 months warranty went off and that my first PS3 power supply died the on the very day WipEout HD was released. I was ****ING M-A-D.

User Info: Greyfox995

5 years ago#49
when my fat ps3 died and I got a new slim, all my data was basically lost and is now sitting away waiting to be transferred over one day..

User Info: HonestAbe73

5 years ago#50
Lost my 100% complete SSB Melee file. All the trophies and everything. Also lost my 100% complete Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file. Mom threw away our Sega Genesis and the 15 or so games with it.
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