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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

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User Info: IronOnion

5 years ago#81
My worst would probably be my PS1 memory cards constantly corrupting, two different official ones at that. I don't think there was ever a month that went by that those things WOULDN'T corrupt. I always suspected that my brother was shutting off the system while it was saving, but I never caught him doing it. Might've just been the Playstation itself acting weird though, because my dad bought it used from who knows where, and it wouldn't ever go for more than a couple minutes without freezing if it wasn't upside down(anyone else remember having to do that?).

Something that sucks-but-miraculously-kinda-miraculously-worked-out is that my 360 RROD'd, had it back for a couple months, and I had it hooked up near the family computer at the time, so I could switch back and forth whenever I needed to. The TV it was hooked up to was...less than perfectly stable(tube TV), because it was sitting on top of another, way older TV. It wasn't gonna fall over without someone bumping into it though, so as long as I was right there nothing was going to happen. But, I already know my family is not to be trusted with anything that it is possible to break in any way, and leaving it sitting near the TV was tempting fate way too much.

So, whenever I was done for the day, I'd disconnect the 360 and set it over across the room against a wall, so there wasn't any way the TV could fall on it. One day, I come in the room and see the TV in two pieces on each side of my 360, nowhere NEAR where it was sitting the previous day. So, someone obviously dropped the TV on the 360 even with my precautions taken. WHY they would be carrying the TV there, other than to drop it on my 360, I have no idea. And of course, nobody knew anything, they just all heard a huge bang downstairs in the middle of the night, but didn't go to investigate it. But, the miracle is, my 360 still (mostly) worked after that. The chip that picks up the wireless controllers cracked, but I had wired ones anyway. The only real damage was that the video cable got cut in half because it had been sitting on top of the 360, but I was able to crappily solder that back together(I can't really recommend trying that, its a bit of a pain) and it works perfectly fine now. Except for the video cable looking like it has a tumor. XD

There was also a horrible event that happened to my friend. I was over at his house playing the co-op campaign in Gears 1 not too long after it came out, and his mom decided that she needed to clean under his 360 RIGHT THEN. By the time we had said anything, it was already too late. She had picked it up. And turned it on its side. The noise that comes out of a 360 when you do this is possibly the most horrifying noise you could ever imagine. When we pulled the disc out, there was a solid ring around the entire middle of the disc, about an inch wide. Needless to say, it didn't work anymore. >_>
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User Info: SoulSaviors

5 years ago#83
Becoming a gamer.

User Info: plz_dont_record

5 years ago#84
schmittycent2 posted...
My ps2 memory card got corrupted lost everything.i didn't mind I just replayed the games

THIS i got done playing sc3 one day. Next day everything is missing even my beautiful towers during the ps2 intro gone! *cries*
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User Info: ironbru

5 years ago#85
I have two.

1) When I finally managed to get gold on everything and 100% finish Gran Turismo 2 literally 30 seconds later the save file some how went corrupt. Many many naughty words were spoken that day. That was about 10 or so years ago.

2) On Pokemon Platinum I managed to get all 493 Pokemon (that is how many there were back then, there is 649 now) with out a single cheat, all caught legitimately. The next day I go to play the game to find the game cart had died for no reason at all. Like above many naughty words were spoken that day.

Apart from that I've had a 4 360's break on me, one of which was a mere 2 weeks old and a PS1 (the big model) explode while I was playing Syphon Filter 2.
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User Info: Poltergust

5 years ago#86
All 40 of my DS games got stolen. I probably invested over 1000 hours total on those games, and they were all gone just like that.
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User Info: SniperNightOwl

5 years ago#87
two time state tournament winner at Pokemon in r/s/e era. The game I won on (Sapphire) had 600 hours, the records, and most of my raised guys (I was able to transfer most to Emerald to clone)

when I moved, Im going to assume one of the movers stole it. I bet they gave it to their kid who didn't know the significance of it and reset everything with a new file : /
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User Info: gorypaldin2

5 years ago#88
Assassin's Creed 2 save data corrupted

Fable 2 save data corrupted
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User Info: levyjl1988

5 years ago#89
This topic makes me sad. Too many issues involving game save corruption, game save overwritten, hours lost, games sold/traded and regret later, broken consoles or games.

The only bad memory I have of gaming is, for what I can remember. Not really traumatizing though...

1) my dad stepping on my grey n64 controller because he got angry for some reason...
2) not keeping the game boxes I have bought in mint condition. It was either thrown out or destroyed. All those n64 boxes rip.
3) not being able to play the first game of a franchise of a game, too late now to back pedal. So used to the modern graphics, gameplay mechanics etc. looking at Borderlands 1. None of my friends are ever going to play it again. Everyone is at 2.
4) not receiving my nintendogs preorder bonus from ebgames when I went there cause the store didn't get any.
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User Info: kratosdakota3

5 years ago#90
I got that holiday ps2 game demo disc with viewtiful joe 2 and SW Battlefront on it. The viewtiful joe demo was corrupted and erased all the data on my memory card.
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