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Borderlands 2 or Resident Evil 6

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User Info: motorazrv3xxx

4 years ago#11
I wanted to like Borderlands 2, I really did. But the quests seem like more of an annoyance to me than actual fun. At some point, I just realized how absolutely monotonous the game was, and quit.

Resident Evil 6 is mediocre as well. At least there's some semblance of a story hidden under all the mess. Anyway...

I guess it depends on if you played either of the prequels. Both games are improved versions :) If you've played neither, look up some videos.
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User Info: popping4it

4 years ago#12
hey thats not your money!
Still hoping for a Shenmue 3.

User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#13
Are you not familiar with the Finders/Keepers Act of 1968?
It's better than bad.

User Info: JDGFootman1234

4 years ago#14
If you have access to a Redbox then try them out using that first. I beat all 3 campaigns of RE6 but couldnt bring myself to beat the 4th. Its really not a good game. I do like BL2 quite a bit though despite not really liking the first.
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