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Can't recover gamertag

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User Info: SaintAmaris

5 years ago#11
Thanks for your help though

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
5 years ago#12
I thought that when you had an invalid email you'd skip that part and go right to the change, must have been something they temporarily used back when the invalid ID issue was plaguing many.

Are you certain someone didn't change the email? can you try to change the password on the windows live ID site?
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User Info: randomweirdo

5 years ago#13
Please keep in mind that unless your email is with hotmail or live, the email being closed or deleted has nothing to do with being able to recover the gamertag or not. The MS account would still exist. I'm guessing the error you are getting is invalid email or password? If so, you'll want to confirm the email being used is correct and you are spelling it exactly as it shows on the console and that you have the right password, and reset if needed.

And do not change your email from the website. Use the website provided for steps to do it on the console. If you can't log in to and are using the email showing on your console, reset your password because that is likely the issue, not your email. I'd also recommend as well.

And while someone said you should contact support, keep in mind that support has no access to passwords and cannot reset them. They also cannot change the Microsoft Account, that can only be done by you on the console.

User Info: SaintAmaris

5 years ago#14
Killah, i got my deleted email recovered, thank u so much for your help now i don't have to make a new live account! YOU'RE AMAZING

User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

5 years ago#15
don't ever leave your gamertag sitting out. most importantly, choose something else first and demand they give you a return on investment.
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