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What was your last and next video game purchase?

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User Info: YoungGganon

5 years ago#101
Last game I bought was...Dead Island. It's been awhile. I mostly borrow games from friends. Next game will most likely be Mass Effect Trilogy.
(Now playing Dead Island, Vanquish, and PSASBR Beta)

User Info: mistasteveo

5 years ago#102
WWE 13 prob gonna pick up Halo 4 Saturday

User Info: King_Akeela

5 years ago#103
Last: Akai katana and Otomedius excellent

Next: Black ops 2 probably

User Info: Devil_wings00

5 years ago#104
saints row 2/3 (with DLC season pass thing) on a steam sale. Saints row 2 is pretty bad lol terrible PC port, ugly as sin(not a big deal but it's worse then it should be for a game made only 3 years ago) and runs like crap. Can't even manage a constant 60 FPS even though it is using like 1/3 of my GPU's power. Haven't got around to SR3 yet though but from the menu screen looks to be a way better port.
3570k @ 4.6, GTX 580 @ 980/2106, ASUS Sabertooth z77, 8GB G.Skill Sniper 1600MHZ, 2 Mushkin Chronos in raid0, 1TB WD black.

User Info: godofwar64

5 years ago#105
RE6 and XCOM were my last purchases.
Halo 4 is my next.

User Info: angelXboy

5 years ago#106
Borderlands 2 for my brother and the next one might be Vesperia PS3 or Ni No Kuni. Probably Ni no Kuni.
Talk to me please. I'm soooo loonneellyy ~ <3

User Info: AkimboP90

5 years ago#107
Last was WWE '13, next one that I have planned is GTA V, but I will no doubt end up picking up at least one game between now and then.
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User Info: rootbeer121

5 years ago#108
Last game I bought was Dishonored and I probably won't buy another game until SimCity comes out.
Work Desktop: i7-3770k | 16GB DDR3 | PNY Nvidia Quadro 6000 4GB
Gaming Desktop: i5-3570k | 8GB DDR3 | EVGA GeForce GTX 670

User Info: zeldafan477

5 years ago#109
Last: Virtue's Last Reward for 3DS
Next: Paper Mario: Sticker Star OR a Wii U (whichever i feel like getting more)
Not changing this until Capcom either gets their act together or the company goes under (Dragon's Dogma was a good start.)

User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#110
Last purchased...

Assassins Creed III
Need for Speed: Most Wanted a Criterion game

Target buy 2 get 1 free - Darksiders II

Next purchase -

Maybe Halo 4

definitely Far Cry 3
I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.
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