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What was your last and next video game purchase?

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User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#21
Next might very well be Halo 4.

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#22
doom 3 bfg

halo 4

User Info: RSF1212

4 years ago#23
Mass Effect 3(PC)
No clue. The next game I know I'll be buying is Rome Total War II, but that is a while from now.

User Info: liquidblue4

4 years ago#24

Assassin's Creed 3
Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Edition
Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Collector's Edition


Could be anything I get so many games at any given time...
GT: Liquidbiue4
PSN: Liquidblue4

User Info: Lord_kasdeya

4 years ago#25
last: assassin's creed 3

next: was going to get black ops next but i need a new 360 and need to try to save some money so ill be getting the 250 gig holiday bundle, and that will make my next game forza 4 since i have skyrim already.
Wii FC: 7714 7377 4469 9097 PSN&360 GT: Svarta Varg
MHT: Izual, BTBHJT, US Server

User Info: brainfriiz

4 years ago#26
Last: Atelier Totori
Next: Halo 4

User Info: devnull520

4 years ago#27
Assassins Creed 3, next Hitman Absolution

User Info: lokinineteen

4 years ago#28
Last retail was MW3 from a pawn shop for £10. Next is either going to be Halo 4 or Assassins Creed 3 if I feel like it but I have Deadly Premonition to play so I may justwait for Blops 2 which I am definitely picking up.

User Info: Mooby0308

4 years ago#29
Assassins Creed 3 was my last purchase and Halo 4 will be my next. It has been a very expensive few weeks for gaming.
Xbox Live: Mooby923 PSN ID: Mooby923
Add me for Halo, CoD (360), Forza 4 and Horizon, Uncharted 3 MP and COOP

User Info: theIllusionary1

4 years ago#30
Last game purchased was Borderlands 2.

Next game(s) I'll buy will probably be Halo 4 and/or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
There are two factors that influence how you view life: perception and reality. What you perceive is my illusion...the reality is that I'm already gone...
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  3. What was your last and next video game purchase?

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