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What the worst game that you finished?

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User Info: Marcx629

5 years ago#151
I'd have to say crash of the titans. The DS one was actually pretty fun. The 360 was horrible. My little brother bought it on his Xbox so I forced through it despite how bad it was. A few years later, I buy it on the marketplace because of how forgettable it was. I didn't realize I've already finished this game until the second mission when I remembered how horrible it is.

Shame because the Crash Bandicoot franchise used to be so awesome. Same goes for Spyro.
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User Info: Krzd3vil

5 years ago#152
shadowx9471 posted...
I just finished RE6, a game that I didn't enjoy for 70% of the game. Yet, I spent the 10 hours needed to speed through the game. I don't exactly know what kept me going.

So what the worst games that you guys actually finished? I guess mine would be Sonic 06, since I was a big Sonic fan boy back in the day and no amount of bad level design or cheap deaths could sway me.

Spider-Man 3.
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User Info: RaccoonCity

5 years ago#153
Probably the first Two Worlds. I still have no idea why it was even called Two Worlds. I mean, there was one world. There wasn't even a dreamworld or like, a ghost or spirit world. Just one world with lizards and monsters that are apparently easily mistaken for bandits(!)"

User Info: VincentVega

5 years ago#154
Terminator Salvation and I usually like movie games, this one was just terrible. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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User Info: CatfishWiggins

5 years ago#155
Too Human. I tried to go back and get the achievements, but I quit playing after the second group of bad guys.

I liked Quest 64.
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User Info: UnderratedGamer

5 years ago#156
DarkSymbiote posted...
Recently Resident Evil 6.

I guess I should finish Doom 3.

Doom 3 isn't bad though.
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User Info: lindaluv

5 years ago#157
All Halo games.. wait... I didnt finish any of them... so I guess.... skyrim... wait I didnt even finish that one.... ummmm.. well heck, theres not much else I played on the 360.
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User Info: Desulated

5 years ago#158
Megaman Battle Network 4, all the way up to the third difficulty level.

The only reason I even finished that mind-numbing marathon was the fact I was a stupid and naive kid back then.
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User Info: xOmniCloudx

5 years ago#159
Alundra 2.
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User Info: mastrchief33

5 years ago#160
Samurai Warriors 2
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