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What the worst game that you finished?

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User Info: Zonedogg

4 years ago#211
vampire rain, cant believe that hasnt been mentioned yet
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User Info: DxZ99

4 years ago#212
Ninety-Nine Nights II... Konami should be ashamed for associating themselves with that one.

User Info: miczz

4 years ago#213
im finishing homefront right now. ive paid 5 bucks for this garbage, i wish i could get a refund.
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User Info: Look_A_Username

4 years ago#214
I've played through lots of mediocre or worse games that I like to try not to remember. But off the top of my head...

Blacksite: Area 51

and currently Legendary. I just want it to be over with because I started it and I want to finish it >_<
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