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Games that no one remembers.

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User Info: LOLfelines

4 years ago#31
breast milk

User Info: ItsNotZura

4 years ago#32
Bushido Blade
Battle Arena Toshinden
Dinosaurs for Hire
Blades of Vengeance
Cool Spot
Yo! Noid
" IT'S NOT ZURA , It's Katsura!"

User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#33
Operation Darkness
The last remnant
Spectral Force 3
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement

User Info: ReDxVaLoO

4 years ago#34
I'm entirely sure, your entirely sure, what I'm suggesting

User Info: Lessermook

4 years ago#35
Cadillacmuzik posted...
Timesplitters : (

Love that game forever
Im not a troll.
I just hate everything you like.

User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#36
Star Gladiator
Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics
Felix the Cat
Time Stalkers
Rival Schools/Project Justice

I'd also say the first Battle Arena Toshinden but I don't think that's forgotten, most people remember the fact it was badly outclassed by Namco and Capcom's fighters.

User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#37
Perfect Dark Zero, such a fun game

User Info: Great_Aether

4 years ago#38
Chameleon Twist.

Best game I ever rented yet could never find in stores (though I'll admit that this is likely just nostalgia talking). Didn't even realize they made a sequel until recently.
Sometimes when you're asleep, I lick your face. -Gabo, DQVII

User Info: HeyZeuss

4 years ago#39
Ok seriously, 90% of these games aren't forgotten, they're just old. I've heard of most of them, if not played them. So here's a good one for you :

Anyone remember....... THRILL KILL? Mwuahahahahaaaa!

User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#40
Blue Dragon

That game was so awesome, and even though it was the reason to get a X360 back then if you were a JRPG fan it seems like everyone's forgot about it now.
The only reason the game was bad was because it was WAY to easy. I still remember they had to make DLC for harder difficulty just to add more challenge to it. I still remember killing the final boss in less then a minute because of how easy it was lol.
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