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Rate the last 5 games you bought.

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User Info: DarkSoldierX99

4 years ago#21
1. Double Dragon Neon 10/10 I was so surprised with how much fun it really is and I have deep rooted nostalgia for the nes game.

2. Sonic 4 episode 2. 9/10 If the control was slightly more like the genesis games it would have a 10. But the game is fun as hell.

3. No More Heroes 8/10 So far so good I'm not too far in but it is very different from other games so I'm sure I'll like it more eventually.

4. Tatsunoko vs Capcom 10/10 Seriously this game is a badass 2d fighter. No usual capcom shady dlc bs either because it's a wii game. Tekken ain't got nothing on this one.

5. Duke Nukem Forever 5/10 honestly not real far I don't expect much. I really only bought this game because I found it sealed brand new for $4.99 at Kmart.
Gas, grass, or ass nobody rides free.

User Info: BerserkerX2

4 years ago#22
Tokyo Jungle 9/10
Borderlands 2 8/10
Resident Evil 6 6/10
Warriors Orochi 3 9/10
Devil May Cry HD 9/10

User Info: pots555

4 years ago#23
CyricsServant posted...
CoachTravis posted...
Silent Hill: Downpour - 3/10 (Only played for two hours, so it might change, but I doubt it. Easily the worst SH I've played, and I even liked Homecoming.)


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it picks up for you. It's my favorite since the original trilogy.

I agree. I loved it. I thought it was amazing.

User Info: toomanymouths

4 years ago#24
From most recent to oldest purchase

Borderlands 2 : 9/10

Xenogears: 9/10

Final Fantasy 8: 5/10

Diablo 3: 7/10

Final Fantasy 13-2: 8/10

User Info: Nemorian

4 years ago#25
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - 9/10

Portal 2 - 9/10

Dragon Age Origins - 8/10

Bioshock 2 - 8/10

Valkyrie Profile 2 - Haven't had a chance to play it yet.

User Info: liquidblue4

4 years ago#26
Assassin's Creed 3 - 8/10 so far

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Collector's Edition - 8/10

Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Edition - 20/10

Sushi Castle - 8/10

Record of Agarest War Zero Collector's Edition - 8/10
GT: Liquidbiue4
PSN: Liquidblue4

User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#27
Dead or Alive 5: 7/10

Final Fantasy 13-2: 8/10

Guild Wars 2: 9.5/10

Xenoblade Chronicles: 10/10

Chrono Cross (psn store): 9/10

User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#28
Resident Evil 6 - (6/10)
Dead or Alive 5 - (7/10)
One Piece Pirate Warriors - (8/10)
Persona 4 Arena - (9/10)
Uncharted 3 - (9/10)

The games I've been buying recently have been pretty good. I think the only one I bought recently that disappointed me a little was Resident Evil 6. It wasn't terrible like most people say but it wasn't perfect either. I just hope PlayStation All-Stars and CODBO2 don't disappoint because I'll be mad.
I don't have to worry about Persona 4 The Golden since I know it already looks perfect.

User Info: Zephyriuum

4 years ago#29
Assassin 's Creed III 10/10
Dragon Age 2 9/10
Dragon Age Origins 9/10
Dishonored 8/10
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection 7.5/10
"Even if I can't can't see you even if we're separated for a long time, I'll always be watching you!, I'll always be watching over you" - Makarov

User Info: 3v1LR0n1N

4 years ago#30
alpha protocal 4/5
Borderlands 2 5/5
bionic command rearmed 5/5
double dragon neon 4/5
crackdown 3/5
-the_r0n1n_named_47, 7thSamurai, samurai_47, Dat Gi, DatGi47(<XBLGT) or just 3v1lr0n1n here
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