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Worst Xbox 360 games?

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User Info: link0316

5 years ago#21
Enchanted Arms
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User Info: grizzmoe

5 years ago#22
banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, the game isnt that bad, but its the worst 360 game i've played
Leisure Suit Larry was so awful. So disappointing considering how great the first 6 games in the series were.
"This kid Danny Fortson reminds me of a kid named Kevin McHale." - Tommy Heinsohn

User Info: DxZ99

5 years ago#24
Kengo Legend of the 9. Disgrace to everything that is Samurai.

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

5 years ago#25
The worst ones I've played are Madden 09 and Fable 3. And by worst I mean games that I thought were a waste of money.
"This Year in Jerusalem."

User Info: Raddish117

5 years ago#26
Literally one of the worst games in existence is Sonic 06.
Absolutely appalling and I completed it.
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User Info: Winternova

5 years ago#27
Beyond Good and Evil HD
Tales of Vesperia
Rock Revolution
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User Info: Overlord9011

5 years ago#28
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic 06).
Final Fantasy I-V were great games (IV being the best), VI was... okay?, VII... Meh. I gave up at VIII.

User Info: XShadowStrike99

5 years ago#29
Brutal Legend

User Info: JRS511

5 years ago#30
Two Worlds

I paid 60 dollars for it. : (
"I just want to watch the whole world burn"
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