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Worst Xbox 360 games?

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User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#31
It's "Bullet Witch", that is a fact not my opinion.
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User Info: Ryamus

4 years ago#32
grizzmoe posted...
banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, the game isnt that bad, but its the worst 360 game i've played

You must have not played that many games for the 360. N&B was fantastic, even though it was very different from the classics.

User Info: GorillaOnRoof

4 years ago#33
Pigfarts posted...
It's "Bullet Witch", that is a fact not my opinion.

Your opinion sucks, that's a fact.
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User Info: Zr2456

4 years ago#34
Sonic 06 hands down.

User Info: cdlx5342

4 years ago#35
Turning point: fall of liberty
Game Of Thrones
007 Legends

All three of these were almost completely unplayable IMO. Turning point is the game I use to compare all other games to ie. - *playing a game and thinking "wow, this is awful" - compare it to turning point and thing "Well I guess at least it isnt THAT bad!"*

User Info: JustThink1st

4 years ago#36
Got beat to the punch! Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Not so much it was terrible (it was), but it also fell dead flat on its promise. The demo was rock solid and the idea was fairly good but the gameplay, story and objectives were an absolute mess. Runner up is Pimp My Ride. Funny too because the fps and racing genres are probably the easiest to put together an ok game and they just failed.
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