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What gaming memories will stick with you this gen?

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User Info: HeyItsZant

4 years ago#51
My first one- Stepping into Twilight Princess Hyrule Fiedl for the first time.

Oh and alo 150 hours into Xenoblade.
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User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#52
Transformers War for Cybertron just looking at the glorious world of Cybertron was simply awesome

Halo 4 with Requime looked gorgeous

AC2 playing as Ezio

Red Dead Redemption John Martson(Spelling not sure) was a simply awesome character.(Oh RDR is NOT a RPG by any mean(Sandbox yes)RPG No)
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#53
From: Bob_Loblaw215 | #049
Just Cause - the first 360 game I played and I remember being amazed by the graphics and the beginning where you're free-falling from the plane.

I played the demo before then. I remember seeing a demo video before that showed off the amazing graphics, but it didn't do it justice.
I was really impressed with the demo (despite dying due to clumsiness).

The full game just stunned me. I looked at the map and got a sense of the scale of it and it felt so unreal that they could make something so huge. The colour pallet was gorgeous too, such a gorgeous sky and sea.
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User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#54
There was a 2.5 year period where I lived for COD 4, WaW, and MW2. My first real online experience. Bunch of my buddies were always on. At a peaceful time of my life.

Good times.
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User Info: BokuxPico

4 years ago#55
Oblivion: one of the first games I played this generation.
Tales of Vesperia: A good JRPG in a sea of mediocre ones

User Info: sausage54

4 years ago#56
Madden 10, my favorite football next All Pro Football 2K8
NBA 2K11 - Michael Jordan, nuff said
Gears of War trilogy, but the first one mainly
Black Ops got me into online play
Uncharted, wow so much fun

There is much more, but this is just a small list
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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#57
The first time I played in HD. Mind blown. Old hat now, but wow, what a revelation back then.

User Info: NIN_tendo

4 years ago#58
I'll remember this gen mostly for it being the point where presentation became enough to convince people a game was amazing.

That being said, there's been some pretty awesome moments.
Batman Arkham City: The opening until you get the batsuit is one the best opening scenes ever.

RDR: The last couple hours, the parts that morons love to complain about because they don't understand the story R* was telling.

Fallout NV: The second battle of Hoover dam. In retrospect it's everything people wanted Mass Effect 3's final battle to be, a culmination of all your decisions and actions throughout the story.

Lost Odyssey: A Thousand Years of Dreams

Mass Effect 2: The suicide mission, getting everyone out alive on my first try without any sort of guidance remains one of the coolest feelings this gen, maybe ever. Easy or not, all the time spent getting there was perfectly spent making me care what would happen to my crew, which built a lot of tension over whether we would all survive.
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User Info: d3z1i0b

4 years ago#59
RPG_Apostle posted...

Stepping out of the sewers and seeing the open world was.... It was something else.


User Info: ZosKiaCultus

4 years ago#60
All of Dark Souls Marn liiiiike Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided
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