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Name a single player game older than 2 years that you think everyone should play

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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

5 years ago#71
Psychonauts. One of the best 3D platformers ever made, with a wacky, interesting art style, and some genuinely hilarious dialogue. Add in a lot of gameplay depth, interesting plot elements, and some awesome characters, and you have one of the best games of all time, period.
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User Info: thefuzzyfatbunn

5 years ago#72
And Star Ocean 3

User Info: rttn

5 years ago#73
Away at the dashboard for 24 minutes

User Info: Yamaguxhi

5 years ago#74
Lost odyssey
Dues ex human revolution
Alan Wake
No more Tom foolerey

User Info: RebornKusabi

5 years ago#75
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition on the PC. It goes on "Steam-sales" regularly for less than $5 (I got it with the second one for $5 a year ago), can run on literally, no hyperbole, any computer made after 2000. It must be the PC version though- the PS2 version, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, is streamlined in all the wrong ways (smaller areas, more and longer load screens, less content that was altogether cut from the game, such as taking individual limb damage rather than having a centralized health bar).

Best of all, there are extremely easy-to-install mods that make the game look quite presentable for the modern era and once you beat the game, there are fan mods that literally change every inch of the game's narrative and even some of its game play. It is a game I have played numerous times after getting it on that sale, and would recommend it to anyone who even says that they enjoy fun.

I would highly recommend, above this game, System Shock 2 but the minute you try to explain how to get it to run for people not used to clicking icons, their brain instinctively shuts off to save itself the effort. That doesn't sound like much effort but you would be surprised.

Me: "Okay you install the game I gave you, go to these three sites, install them all in this extremely easy-to-remember order and then just run it."

Idiots: ()_()

Me: Really? You use more effort logging into Facebook than you do installing this game!

Idiots: *goes to play Halo of Duty 7: Rednecks Wet-Dreams

Me: *joins them because why the **** not*
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User Info: Foppe

5 years ago#76
The Saboteur.
Pandemic Studios last game is a gem.
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User Info: WhyGeeGee

5 years ago#77
Deus Ex: HR

User Info: blakbird13

5 years ago#78
System Shock2... PC
Armed and Dangerous... PC/Xbox
Giants: Citizen Kabuto... PC/PS2
Red Dead Redemption... PC/360
Beyond Good and Evil...
I want a Champions of Norrath HD collection...

User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#79
.Hack GU series. absolutely fantastic JRPG's and much better than the original series imo.

Also Steambot Chronicles and Makai Kingdom(still waiting for a sequel)

RPG maker 3 also. So much of my life was eaten by that game.

For 360 I would say Eternal Sonata. Great game and largely overlooked
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User Info: GrandiAExtr17

5 years ago#80
PsychoD_Boy posted...
Too Human

Exactly what I came to say. Easily my favorite X360 game.
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