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spend $400 on a 6 year old, dead console?

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User Info: Bob_Esrock

5 years ago#41
EliteGuard99 posted...
kingwutugu posted...
I'd buy an NES for $400 before I pay that much for a 360

Or keep and use your still working one like me ;)

This guy is going places.
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User Info: aura3848

5 years ago#42
360 250gb is $99.
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User Info: GuillermoGage

5 years ago#43
At least the TC admits that the console is six years old and not seven. It is not November 22 yet, people! Yet, people have been calling PS3 and Xbox 360 "6 and 7-year-old hardware" since practically the beginning of this year.

User Info: timpkmn89

5 years ago#44
Live goes on sale quite often
You don't need the newest games -- you have six years of old stuff to catch up on
You can find used consoles, perhaps without sales tax.

User Info: redskinStu

5 years ago#45
You actually get four consoles for the price of one, because that thing will melt down three times and be replaced for free.
Or, at least, that's what all my friends who've got a RROD, I mean Xbox, have told me.

User Info: Cloud75x

5 years ago#46
I would have gotten the xbox360 holiday bundle with skyrim and FM4 for $149.

Use the extra $150 for your 4gb xbox and get a HDD.

Trade in the game(s) you don't want and get black ops cheaper.

You'd save at least $100 that way.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#47
fan360 posted...
Halo 4 $60
CoD $60
1 year Live $60
360 4gb (no harddrive) $200
Obama Tax $40

$400 total

Kind expensive for a 6 year old console. (without hard drive, only 1 controller, no kinetic, etc)
Don't you think?

The worst part is that if I buy all these in 1 place, people will think I am a sheep for buying 2 hyped games.

I think the worst part is that you aren't looking for good prices.

I live in Europe, but:

Halo 4 --> €45 (normally €60)
CoD: BO2 --> €50 (normally €60)
Xbox 360 4 GB --> €166 (normally 200, though I also saw a 250 GB 360 with CoD:MW3 for €200)
Xbox Live Gold 12 + 2 months --> €40 (normally about €60)

Total: €301 (also add about €10 shipping in total, I guess)

And in the US you should be able to get better deals. Netherlands usually has horrible deals compared to the US and UK.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 years ago#48
no matter who's in office, you're gonna get taxed no matter what. the president is just a figurehead. the government and large corporations are what control the united states, not one man.
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User Info: DiaperDandee

5 years ago#49
john7281 posted...
The Xbox 360 isn't hat expensive, this week you could get one with kinect and 4gb harddrive, for under 200. Actually Toys R Us has a Xbox 360 4gb, with kinect for $99.

For Halo 4, even used you won't find it for $45 yet, it just came out last Tuesday. So that would be $60 for that one, and used your usually looking at $54.

When he mentions CoD I think he is referring to the new one that comes out this Tuesday, and that will be $60 as well.

Xbox live gold is $59.99 unless you can find it for cheaper or if you get it each month then it is $9.99 a month, every 3 months is $30, unless you get a deal. I know when I first got gold I got 2 months at $2 a month.

You realize the $99 is a horrible deal right? You have to buy two years worth of Xbox Live for what is it, $15 a month? Absolute terrible, horrendous deal.
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User Info: drink

5 years ago#50
I like when people use the word "dead" for thing that are not only still being used by millions, but still being sold and doing well.

This is one awesome zombie console!
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