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Video Chat while gaming...

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User Info: majinbuu58

5 years ago#11
bmagic3 posted...
You think they'll make use of the Kinect camera to do the whole "hangout" type thing while your playing your game? I think that'd be kinda innovative. See the gamer in the flesh while you're on co-op or whooping ass lol. Discuss.

You must have never played UNO in it's prime..
"Bruce Wayne is the sort of guy who eats his broccoli, and eats it raw." -CatAtomic999

User Info: DaonlyArmando

5 years ago#12
Knifegash posted...
Back when I played Uno and had long hair, I put on a mask and pretended I was a girl.

Way too many friend requests, way too many messages, way too many laughs.

That's kinda creepy...

User Info: Knifegash

5 years ago#13
Maybe for you, since you know the secret.

I was a great trap.
Isn't that right, Zach?
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