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People hate on CoD for hate's sake.

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User Info: Winternova

5 years ago#121
m4sturch33f posted...
It's beginning to show in titles that are considered AAA or almost that. As noted before, this had hit Mass Effect in their third installment, shifting from a RPG based shooter to nothing but a point and shoot bullet-fest. Halo 4 is beginning to use many mechanics present in the CoD series, especially in their multi-player aspect and team scales. It's even ruining the Resident Evil franchise because they are trying to adopt the same aspects of run and gun found in FPS's.

Hours logged into a game does not mean they are casual or hardcore. It's the fact that even if a gamer puts in 1000 hours into a game, what makes them a casual is they do so with a game that lacks any depth of complexity and spoon feeds you progress in exchange for little to no thought process. Which is pretty much how the current market of FPS's are.

Mass Effect IMPROVED from Mass Effect to ME2 and 3. They got rid of the tropes of the RPG genre, most importantly the idiotic micro-management of items that you'll never use once you get the best items in the game. The combat was vastly improved after the first as well. If you want to see what the kind of game you like will get you, play Alpha Protocol. It's a fun game, but it would be INFINITELY better with ME2/3 combat rather than the early 2000s combat engine it was saddled with.
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User Info: Winternova

5 years ago#122
DBN_Stealth posted...
maybe i just dont like it?

I don't like Call of Duty either. Hell, I've never played it because I'm not a fan of the genre. It doesn't mean it's a bad game, a bad series, and I certainly don't hate it. I'm not going to tell anyone they're not a gamer just because they play COD. :-)
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User Info: Juhanor

5 years ago#123
I don't hate Call of Duty simply to hate it, and I wouldn't even call my feeling toward the series "hate." Basically, I don't like it for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

- I only like sci-fi shooters/can't stand realistic military stuff
- Have no interest in buying games designed primarily for multiplayer
- Don't care for the culture that's developed around it

Among a number of other reasons that I have no inclination to type out at this time.

Of course, I'm not saying that CoD sucks or whatever; I think they are well-made games, and can be fun to play with friends, but like I said, they aren't the kind of game that I'd go out and drop 60 dollars on (or even 20, for that matter). To each his own, I guess.

User Info: KaneOfShadows

5 years ago#124
"Yo bro, I'm a gamer!"

"What do you play?"

"Call of Duty and Madden, bro! You want to come over, drink brewskies?"

User Info: adonfraz

5 years ago#125
I don't care for CoD (I love the commericals though) but it seems a lot of "gamers" hate it for what it represents, which is that gaming is now mainstream. The fact that is appeals to the masses and doesn't seem like it's going to stop selling pisses them off.

As long as developers keep creating quality single-player games, I couldn't care less how many copies CoD sells.
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User Info: Nixemo

5 years ago#126
CaPwnD posted...
Hate mongers. It's the cool thing, to hate on the popular games that you don't like.

I'm already guessing you bought ten copies Matt.
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User Info: pitt12177

5 years ago#127
KaneOfShadows posted...
"Yo bro, I'm a gamer!"

"What do you play?"

"Call of Duty and Madden, bro! You want to come over, drink brewskies?"

Pretty much this. Anytime I ask someone casually if they have a system and what they play all I hear is they're hardcore into Madden and Call of Duty. They've never experienced anything different or interesting.

User Info: pothocket

5 years ago#128
CoD is the go-fish of video games. Yes, technically it's a game but that doesn't mean it's a game worth playing. Yet all the kids play it because they already know the rules and they don't have to think to hard to play it.
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User Info: Assassin_X_Geth

5 years ago#129
When EA milks a series every year like the need for speed series, its considered a money milking evil company. But when COD gets released every year to milk your money somehow its considerd ok.

I loved COD. But after each game came out I felt like it was the same thing every time except they just changed the theme to try and make it diffrent. Problem is its really the same as it was years ago. I think people like it because it doesn't require any skill. I also notice people who deny it sucks hate games like Counter Strike because it requries a brain. The whole thing about gamers neede their hand held today is true.

Sure there are hard games out there, but not as many as the easy ones. I miss games like COD that required a brain and skill.
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User Info: poopnolan

5 years ago#130
My reasons for disliking the COD franchise is somewhat personal to me. I dislike it because it represents all things wrong and flawed with humanity as a whole. It rewards dying with deathstreaks, rewards doing good with doing better, rewards using a gun with more gun parts, etc. It basically tricks the player into continued play by constantly stroking them at every turn. It creates this situation where you aren't playing to hone your skills and dominate similar skilled players, but playing to see explosions, nukes, helicopters, and a whole slew of other mind numbing things occur on your screen, all at a persistent 60 frames per second. Its all very insulting to me. A game where situational awareness and streak chaining/spawn trapping prevails over gun battles and tactics.

The fact that you can be dropped in with players who have played these games for years, and still manage to even compete with them is baffling. I guess that is the main selling point though right? So easy that a partially blind moron on bath salts can pull a positive kill/death. These games do a hilarious job trying to imitate this "hardcore" experience, but there exists no skill ceiling in the same vein as a Tekken or Halo game. These games merely exist to stroke the egos of individuals who should better spend there time reading literature or taking classes.

Lastly, I really find it hilarious when people take it upon themselves to try to draw parallels between games like Mario, Zelda, Halo, etc with Call of Duty. Usually the root of these moronic diatribes involve the fact that at its core a Zelda game is about Link slaying Ganon, or Chief fighting aliens, etc. Whats completely glossed over is the fact that every Call of Duty since 4 has been running on the exact same ancient tech that was implemented then. Its done so it can maintain the fast refresh rate. These games literally reskin, repurpose, and reuse like no other game before.

The differences between Twilight Princess, or Mario Galaxy to Ocarina, or 64, is immense. Those games reinvent, innovate, and still manage to keep what made the originals so beloved intact. Call of Duty sequels all look, play, and behave the same. And each one sells better than the last, so it discourages talented individuals from actually innovating, and encourages short development cycles by slightly modifying previous assets. Call of Duty games are designed in such a way that they are meant to pander to the lowest form of life on earth. People who continue to ensure that folks like Micheal Bay or Skrillex will always be loaded with cash.
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