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Favorite gay dudes in games?

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User Info: PanzrGrnd42

5 years ago#151
Superrpgman posted...
nightcatcher13 posted...
Tony from Earthbound
Kanji Persona 4

Ok seriously, Tony? Who's that?

Tony is the guy from Jeff's boarding school who is completely obsessed with Jeff.

User Info: PantherRider

5 years ago#152
RPG_Apostle posted...
In a way, all straight men should want more men to be gay.

Think about it: All straight men are in competition for the same pool of women.

The more gay men there are, the less competition straight men have for those women.

that is true... Back in the time when i used to be single i looked up on craigslist and found more gay men then straight men and i said "wht the **** is wrong with me that i can't find a chick". Its odd on cl there are more gays then straights which i found odd as hell (don't care if you just want to "experiment with another dude" you gay. not that theres anything wrong with it, as i said in a debate I love gay people(though my fiance hates them) they can tell me if i look like **** or if i'm as hot as the sun w/o me worrying about me trying to get into there pants. i think segregation of gays is apauling which is why i told some *** basher at my school to eat a **** because he supported a gay club and i didn't i said "they are people, like you or me, why should we exclude them from being what they are? they are people just the same segregating them based on sexual orientation is harmful..." people cheered and agreed with me... collegic hippie lost said debate he attacked my idea of the gay stereotype but who cares? be gay i don't care if your gay and you don't try to get into my pants your a regular human being i won't treat you any bit different because you ain't different you like men or women? who cares your a person and thats what i see you as... a person, you are my brother or sister in this crazy human life.

User Info: Ecotron

5 years ago#153
Brucie was gay? I thought it was his brother that was gay

User Info: googler

5 years ago#154
SunDevil77 posted...
BlueJester007 posted...
Sexuality should not be the main focus of a game. Hetero or Homo.

But what if Duke Nukem were gay?
Just wouldn't work.

He does already dress the part...Constantly having the cigar in his mouth can be in-dick-itive of something

User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#155
Chris Redfield in RE6
Raiden from MGS4 & Metal gear Rising Revengence

User Info: dreamtheater33

5 years ago#156
GameFaqs: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious

User Info: chief6890

5 years ago#157

User Info: LazyDave1

5 years ago#158
Gay Tony.
I was too lazy to come up with a decent username. So what?

User Info: josh924

5 years ago#159
Billy and Jimmy Lee
The guys from Bad Dudes
Ratchet and Clank
Toejam and Earl
Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday.

User Info: bpcarter

5 years ago#160
He's already been mentioned a few times, but Arcade Gannon from Fallout New Vegas. He was an interesting character with a decent back story. Also, he's Chuck, so there's that.
Would you kindly do a barrel roll?
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