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Worst Achievements Ever

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User Info: Amrath

4 years ago#41
The worst would be achievements which don't exist there is one in the Hellboy game tied to a piece of DLC which was never made.

User Info: link0316

4 years ago#42
Astaroth211 posted...
Multiplayer achievements on games with s***ty, tacked on multiplayer which ends up dead in a month.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#43
Star ocean ones are GRRRRR
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User Info: SkullBasherX

4 years ago#44
In the game Prototype 2 I hate the achievement where you have to stay 25 consecutive seconds in the air

User Info: cmdrdredd

4 years ago#45
I think there was a madden game that gave you one for accessing the options menu.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#46
Ones for spending 10x longer than the game's actual length searching for stupid items (or spending a few hours just using a guide online)

I'm looking at your, Arkham City/Asylum
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User Info: DxZ99

4 years ago#47
Ninety-Nine Nights: Reach the highest level/ get everyone to level 9... except they forgot to mention you have to also beat the game with every character once they all reach level 9.

I regret farming those levels still till this day. >.<

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#48
that kind of achievment I am cool with as already mentioned its for people who already beat the game and it makes end game very tough as you get there at a low level without extra items.

the really brutal achievements are ones that require you to grind for 100s of hours.

try star ocean 4 get 100% battle trophies. - many multiples of 15 hours. by far the hardest achievement I have done. easily 1000+ hours.
star ocean 4 100% item creation probably 100+ hours easy
ff13 all items - tons of trap and ingot farming 100+ hours easy
anything thats completely luck based, as the RNG on the xbox360 or at least on my xbox360 is funky.
fable3 all weapons, this one I havent got yet, but I have basically had to make several profiles to get the weapons I have got, beat the game about 8-9 times on 8-9 profiles and still 3-4 weapons missing. its designed for multiplayer trade, I loaf these types of achievements designed to sell gold subs.

on the subject of item grinding rpg;s if an item has a 1% drop rate, I feel on the 100th battle the drop should be gaurantueed to maintain the 1%, but it can easily be 1000s of battles.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#49
also a couple of vesperia ones, one required you to fly baul for a ridicolous amount of time, I basically put a elastic band on my controller and left it going all day, and another with bunny costumes not quite so bad but I doubt anyone would get playing the game normally.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#50
by the way guys I am fairly sure its nier.

nier has a achievement (which I not done yet) where have to beat the game in XX hours.

vesperia has a similiar achivement but on vesperia you only have to do part 1 not the entire game.
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