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Worst Achievements Ever

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User Info: the36thchamber

4 years ago#61
gears of war 3-seriously 3.0

get every single ONYX medal.i think there about 45-50 medals with onyx medals ranging from doing things 100-6000 times and most of them are over 3000.

i dont care about achievements myself unless its something fun and challenging but i just thought this was the stupidest achievement i had ever seen
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User Info: thetrueoskar

4 years ago#62
I liked the Dungeons of Dredmor one for dying to the weakest enemy in the game.

Or the one for naming your expansion pack. I'm A Game Designer! or something.
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User Info: Fenriswolf

4 years ago#63
There was an achievement for a game where you have to team kill someone in multiplayer. It was quickly ruined by farmers TKing each other and the developers had to patch the achievement so that it was no longer needed.

User Info: Yankeehazard191

4 years ago#64
En Sabah Nur posted...
TrueFinale posted...
So recently playing an RPG, it had an achievement to complete the game within 15 hours. Now I read to get this achievement one would have to actually skip pretty much all sidequests and avoidable fight encounters. This achievement so pissed me off that in order to get it one had sacrifice enjoying the game at a leisurely pace.

What achievements have you come across that is just stupid and infuriates you just thinking about it?

See that bolded part? That is EVERY game. Achievements are just made to appeal to the inner addict in us. They really don't enhance gameplay, they just give us more stuff to do and stress over. I know I hate them most of the time and still bust my ass for them.

Who the hell stresses over a game? I have never felt pressured to beat a game. If the game was good enough ill do another play through regardless

User Info: kingwutugu

4 years ago#65
any and all online achievements, especially the ones that tell you to be on the top of the leader board, you'd had to of had the game day one. so i gave up on all achievements. the olden days were better any how, just put a quarter in and get a high score.
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User Info: Sylar100

4 years ago#66
Vyse_skies posted...
Ah, too many to mention. For the whole, Achievements are kinda pants and actually destroy most games then improve them.

- Become world no.1. (Gwar)
- Multiplayer achievements that force you to get gold. (Too Many)
- Online achievements on games no one are playing any more. (Too Many)
- Complete said chapter / boss achievements (Enchanted Arms)
- Fetch quests put in just so they can add an achievement. (Many games)
- Collect open all treasure chests, collect all items, collect so a certain amount of gold (Many RPGS)
- Difficulty achievements (Many Games - The ones in Alan Wake and Res Evil 5 are ridiculous)
- Spam attacks achievements (Avatar)
- Play for (insert time) amount of hours. (I noticed this on Dead or Alive 4)
- Beat a game more than once (Multiple games)

I'm sure there are more.

I like little challenges with the achievements, like in Left 4 Dead - they do good achievements, like taking down a particular enemy in a certain fashion. These were pretty cool to get.

XD Enchanted Arms, that was literally every single Achievement.

It was the only game i got 1,000 GS on.

I hated Enchanted Arms

User Info: CasualNinja

4 years ago#67
there is an achievement in Madden 13' that has to do with the Kinect. I forget whether it is call a play with it or audible into a play using it. Either way, if you don't have the Kinect, do you they actually think this will convince you to buy one? lol
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User Info: hak145

4 years ago#68
ahh yes, I just remembered. The new Mortal Kombat with freddy has the worst achievements ever.
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User Info: Res5

4 years ago#69
Star Ocean 4's Battle Trophies. I haven't done it but knowing what it takes to get all of the Battle Trophies for the Achievements is enough to know they are the most horrible Achievements in existence.
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

4 years ago#70
Astaroth211 posted...
Multiplayer achievements on games with s***ty, tacked on multiplayer which ends up dead in a month.
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