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What was the first console online game you played?

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User Info: NejiHyuga900

5 years ago#141
Gears of War was the first game I played online.
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User Info: LifelessBoy

5 years ago#142
Nemerlight posted...
SOCOM on PS2 and it was glorious.

This. Part of the original online crew.
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User Info: __starsnostars

5 years ago#143
Halo 2 but I had been playing online pc games for years by that point.
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User Info: RockLobster1996

5 years ago#144
halo 3. got me hooked to online multiplayer.

User Info: outlawstar1555

5 years ago#145
quake 3 arena,

on a dreamcast,

with dial-up 56kbps internet.
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User Info: Alluvion

5 years ago#146
Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast

User Info: rusty12000

5 years ago#147
Moto GP >_> -- Put a stop to Big internet companies trying to put a cap on bandwidth in Canada!!!!

User Info: ima420r

5 years ago#148
Lets see, Atari 2600 had no online, NES had no online, SNes had no online, N64 had no online, Gamecube had no online... so I guess it was Wii and it was probably Smash Bros. I have played games online on PC for most of my life but funny how it took so long for consoles to adopt online play.

I had a ps2 but I don't think it ever got plugged in to the intrawebs.
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User Info: flagg2kplus

5 years ago#149
Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2, and SOCOM 1.
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User Info: Oblivon

5 years ago#150
GorillaInTub, you are majestic.

Anyway, my first was some online demo for a Might and Magic game, or something, for the 360. ****in' fun as hell.
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