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Delisted Games

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User Info: rttn

5 years ago#1
After my topic yesterday about Warlords being taken off the marketplace to reading this article this morning.

It is highly irritating that they give no heads up these games are being taken down, even if they aren't good games
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User Info: GorillaOnRoof

5 years ago#2
Well that sucks.
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User Info: RycerX

5 years ago#3
Hey Microsoft here's an idea: Warn 2 weeks before delisting a game and drop it's price 50%. Sales would go so high, you probably won't need to delist it.

That's good advice.

User Info: chrcol

5 years ago#4
marketplace is a mess, there defenitly should be a unaivalable soon box to select on the dashboard.

If I knew sega rally was on xbox live I woul dhave got it.

The 2nd issue as well is overpricing of games as well. If sales are poor it means they overpriced. But distributors of games are stubborn, they often prefer to stop selling a game completely than sell it for less.

User Info: JRS511

5 years ago#5
I'm glad I picked up Sega Rally when I did last month. I'm still annoyed that I missed Outrun as I like building my collection of classics. It bothers me to think something is now unavailable and I can't get it. Part of my ocd I suppose.

Here's an idea. Don't put licensed products in your game if it's going to cause conflict down the road later. I couldn't care less if I'm driving a Ferrari or a red generic sports car. I just want to play the game.
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User Info: rttn

5 years ago#6
I agree with you chrcol, the prices of games sometimes is quite ridiculous.the game released the same day as Kung-fu strike was Dogfight 1942, which is 1200 then the DLC is 2 pieces at 800 each. All together thats 35$ for the complete game, cause vanilla is crap. Why not just put all that on a disc??

there is a slew of other games that have since been delisted from the marketplace that I would have love to have bought or had planned on purchasing, but now can't. (sort by available)

I would have gotten all of those classics, Ion Assault, & planned on purchasing Kung-fu strike when it went on sale. Which had dlc released for it about two weeks after initial release.
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User Info: chrcol

5 years ago#7
good god tons of decent games delisted

golden axe
speedball 2
sega rally

the majority of the games left and planned are worse than whats been delisted.

User Info: princespawn

5 years ago#8
You would think since you own a digital demo that you could still access the full game later for purchase.
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User Info: chrcol

5 years ago#9
rttn I got fooled by a deal of the week offer.

magic the gathering and magic 2012 half price.

brought both games, and magic the gathering is actually a good game, so whats my gripe?

the game cost me 400 points, but is 3 dlc's at 800 points a pop, even at the game normal price of 800 points the dl;c's are 300% the cost of the game.

second both these games I Assume if playing them online are obselete as is magic 2013 now released (which of course wasnt on the deal of the week page).

So in truth these games should be permantnyl discounted due to them been replaced by sequels but microsoft pass them off as a special deal with over inflated DLC prices. Its like a cheap buy in for a trial, then expensive DLC to fill the game.

User Info: corex3d

5 years ago#10
they also took the good NFS MW off games on demand which sucks because i wanted to get it much cheaper than buying a used copy
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