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SquareEnix is really dumb and gonna go bankrupt soon unless they remake FF7

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User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#71
PyroFonix posted...
Think about the Wall Market scenes...

Yes, in 1080p with an adjustable camera. Don't forget the scene where Hojo tries to breed Nanaki and Aerith. And Cloud making out with Priscilla.
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User Info: ZakielKugel

4 years ago#72
TrueFinale posted...
Bankrupt are you kidding me?

It's entirely possible. Which is why S-E keeps diversifying hoping to minimize their losses.
At this rate, S-E is going to be almost entirely a publisher of Western IPs from studios they've bought. S-E doesn't seem to be able to make a good original IP no matter how many times they try.

They're dominating JRPGs on the 360 because they are only company that still makes them

Well, assuming these sales numbers are correct.
As of Nov 10th 2012, 360 sales only.
Final Fantasy XIII: 1.91 Million (S-E)
Blue Dragon: 0.86 Million (Mistwalker)
Lost Odyssey: 0.84 Million (Mistwalker)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope: 0.72 Million (Tri-Ace)
Infinite Undiscovery: 0.65 Million (Tri-Ace)
The Last Remnant: 0.65 Million (S-E)
Tales of Vesperia: 0.63 Million (Namco Tales Studio)
Final Fantasy XIII-2: 0.57 Million (S-E)
Eternal Sonata: 0.26 Million (tri-Crescendo (Namco)

A good lead, sure, but I don't know about domination. In the US, possibly. Europe? Not so much. Japan? Not at all. If FF-13 was a 360 exclusive, it would have dominated JRPG sales though on the 360.

Also, certainly not the only company.
This list above leaves out many games by many other companies.

Let's not even get into other Japanese developed games on the 360 that aren't your typical JRPGs.

As a bonus, Magna Carta 2: 0.27 Million (Softmax) Oh, South Korea.

User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#73
Coming into FF as an outsider who didn't play any games prior to X and then went back and replayed them all...

FFVII really isn't all that outstanding. Okay, that's a bit harsh but, imagine what a remake would do for the people who weren't introduced to FFVII in the PS1 era. It's somewhat clunky compared to other FF games, it's story could do with some smoothing out, but otherwise, it's just... A good game. But nowhere near as epic as the lovers seem to think it is. About all they could do is update the graphics and add in VA, but that's not as huge a thing as people seem to think it is.

Really? I'd rather see them remake a bad FF so that they can make it good or re-release IX into a market that might actually play it than see VII get re-released. Sides, if they made any actual changes to the game on anything more than a cosmetic/almost insignificant level the fans would outrage, especially since the number one change would probably be allowing a certain character to rejoin the party (likely in a post-game thing) which would elicit outcries from almost everyone who played the original.
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User Info: Bosniak10

4 years ago#74
Too bad FF7 was a pain to play and is only spoken of in a good way by fanboys. I remember playing it years ago when my friend convinced me too. I got about half way done and just said "okay..I'm quitting this". The game was extremely easy, poor story line, the main boss was not memorable, and the main characters were just plain dull. FF7 will always remain a good game for fanboys only.
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User Info: Arn544

4 years ago#75
Reason they don't remake it, they can't.

Basically they only have 5% of the people who worked on it still with the company.

The biggest problem, this entire series is trash now. Turned it into a stupid cartoon series, they did to FF what the phantom menace did to star wars.

But forget about their latest failures, look at FF7's spin offs. Advent children was one of the worst sequels I've seen, full of plot holes and the main plot couldn't have occured if you finished FF7. Crisis core was a complete abortion that butchered FF7's story. Gameplay was alright in it, but it certainly wasn't worth crap like "I'm afraid of the sky!"

I mean come on that wing **** with those of soldier it's like some 10 year old fanboy wrote that crap in. Only person who could "fly" was sephiroth and that's because in FF7 he was basically a ghost. But you have seen so many nerdgasms over that one winged angel theme that SE's lowsy writers are throwing that into the story.

FF in the mid/late 90s was brutal (when FF was at it's peak), FF7 had straight up acts of terrorism, midgar snake impaled by a tree, bloody trails left by sephiroth. FF8 had an assassination, and at that same place a country's president basically gets melted on stage. Tactics had people getting impaled with swords.

Modern FF has humanoid rabits and lines like "moms are tough", it's a ridiculous cartoon they're expecting adults to like.

Read that **** in that link, that's who SE is making games for now.

User Info: AgitoXIII

4 years ago#76
its a bird, its a plane, its...

another fanboyish FFVII topic!
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User Info: CadilacDon

4 years ago#77
I mean seriously why would they go broke FFXIII-2 sold quite well around the world. Sleeping Dogs sold incredibily well for a first launch title. The Did really well with Deus Ex HR which was pretty amazing. Then you have them lauching another succesful Kingdom Hearts Game and then they are follwing all this up with the new Hitman game and Tomb Raider Game. Dude just stop they aren't making what they used to make but they aren't going bankrupt any time soon

User Info: benhod

4 years ago#78
Given how awful they've been in recent years i actually hope SE stay the heck away from remaking FF7. They'd probably change it into a hack n slash bore-a-thon to "update" it
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User Info: ArcFan10000

4 years ago#79
FF7 wasnt a bad game, but it's nowhere near FF6 in gaming and sidequests and quality.
FF7 is easy yeah I got a gold chocobo in under 8 hours. Sometimes it takes people longer than that.
Once you get knights of the round the game is pretty much over. A few extra bosses here and there, but none of them are required.
The cast of characters was alright but nowhere near as good a cast as Final Fantasy 4 or Final Fantasy 6.
I would say I liked FF5 better than FF7 because that game was way more of a challenge to me.
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User Info: Bosniak10

4 years ago#80
Too many homosexuals in the community for FF than in the 90s, thats why they sway the developers in making the characters "fabulous". I mean look at FF12 rofl Every single male in that game, I mean EVERY single male, was feminine...excuse me "fabulous". Now take those characters and compare them to Cyan and Locke.
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