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SquareEnix is really dumb and gonna go bankrupt soon unless they remake FF7

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  3. SquareEnix is really dumb and gonna go bankrupt soon unless they remake FF7

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#81
All Square Enix needs to do is make sure VS XIII is as good as it looks, and release it.

Easy money. It shouldn't be hard to sell it as long as it's a good game. People forget that it's still possible to make new content, and that content can be good. We don't need constant remakes/sequels. And we don't need games that try to pretend to be FFVII, but are inferior. We need something new.
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User Info: Takusho

4 years ago#82
Voice-Overs? Really?

Series that need to be remastered, added on to, or imported:
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#83
Maybe they should hire you to make all their business decisions seeing as you have a massive insight into how large gaming companies work.
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User Info: JCtheArchangel

4 years ago#84
TC, please don't listen to all the haters spewing their crap all over your opinion... millions of FF7 fans, myself included, have all voiced the same desire to play a completely modernized FF7 with all the fixings, and have been letdown time and again...

To be quite honest I'm of the opinion that there needs to be some executive seat-changing done at Square-Enix. If you read the Final Fantasy 7 wikipedia page one of the execs says that they don't want to do a remake of FF7 until one of their modern titles surpasses FF7 in popularity and sales, in spite of fan outcry... All I heard from that was a company ignoring their customers, and that's a recipe for failure.

So in the meantime I have stopped buying all Square-Enix games until they pull their heads out of their @$$es and "give the people what they want", so to speak.
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User Info: TheRetroPlayer

4 years ago#85
Then people are going to complain about the remake as well. At first, people are going to be all hyped up about it, but when its gameplay time, then people are going to **** about that too.

User Info: cloudrivera

4 years ago#86
The only reason i want a ffvii remake is because that'll mean ffviii would be next! Come on, give me ffviii remake! Lol
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User Info: Bosniak10

4 years ago#87
If they made a ff7 remake it would end up like dragon age 2 lmaooo
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#88
FF7 was my second favourite FF. And I really, REALLY don't want it remade.
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User Info: SgtInfinity

4 years ago#89
You know, I was talking to my friend the other day about this. We both grew up in the FF7 era, and we came to the conclusion that, even if they remade FF7....who would buy it?

Most of the people that played FF7 are now in their 20's, and the majority of people at our age have lost interest. Honestly, I loved FF7. One of my all time favorite games; but if they remade it I can't see myself finishing it. With work and school, I just don't have the time, nor honest interest in it.

The fact is that the age group for FF7 has all grown up, and the time to remake it has already past. If they remade it, it would be a waste. Honestly, the best thing they could've done was re-release it like they have done.
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User Info: GigaGaia

4 years ago#90
If they remade it, Square-Enix as it is would end up destroying it, so they shouldn't touch it. Also not to be a fanboy or anything, but if they remade it, it would only be for a Sony console, this would never touch xbox or any nintendo console .SCEA having some of the publishing rights for the NA version and SCEE in Europe for the ps1 version makes it impossible to leave Sony's side for now, especially since they still sell the game on PSN.
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