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Post your gaming setup

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User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#1
I used my Galaxy SIII to snap these. Turns out low light performance sucks, but I digress....

Main Entertainment Center:

(different camera settings)

(turned off TV and now an entirely different room, apparently)

Bookshelf of interesting things.....

(different camera settings....still blurry)

Miku trying to play WiiU.....

I won't be one of those people that lists or photographs every cool thing that I own, as no one here cares about me that deeply (*sniff*). But just to brag a bit, the entertainment center itself consists of-

TV - 50" Panasonic 3D Plasma (TCP50ST30)
Receiver - Harman Kardon AVR 3650
Front L/R - Infinity Primus P363s
Center - Infinity Primus PC351
Side/Rear Surrounds - 4x Infinity Primus P163s
Subwoofer - Klipsch SW-112
HTPC - i7 2600, 560ti, 8GB RAM
Home Consoles - PS3/360/Wii......WII U!

Always looking for things to further polish it. Would like something to sit in that awkward place between the entertainment center and the right speaker.....still searching however.

So, where do you game? Brag away.

User Info: CapwnD

5 years ago#2
nice left and right speakers there. That's my next project, upgrading my left and right. I'm actually hindered by the amount of electricity I'm already using in this room... afraid to hook up a separate amp for my front speakers.
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User Info: randomweirdo

5 years ago#3
Mine is pretty simple. I have a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV. No fancy speakers or anything.

Only have the 360 and my PS2 hooked up right now, but I do own a SNES, Genesis, and Gamecube as well. I just haven't played any games for them since moving so I've been lazy. The DS and PSP are lying around neaby.

Have the TV and consoles on a cart so I can move it depending on where I play. Usually I'm lazy and prefer to game while lying on my bed.

No pictures, my digital camera sucks too much for them

User Info: PerfectZer0

5 years ago#4
My set up in my front room......

Speaker system: Klipsch Cinema 8 Speaker System 5.1 with 10'' sub.

Reciever: Yamaha RX-V663BL

TV: Toshiba Regza 46'' LCD

Game Systems: SNES, Genesis Model 1/Sega CD Model 1, Playstation Model 1, Sega Saturn Model 1, Sega Dreamcast, Japanese Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Arcade Unit (US)x2.

Compact Disc Player: Onkyo DX-7555

Headphones: Grado RS-2

LaserDisc Player: Pioneer CDL-M401

Turntable: Audio-Technica AT-LP120

Some pics
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User Info: Banana_Mana

5 years ago#5
See sig.


I don't have much of a setup - just sprawl on the living room floor on a bunch of cushions / pillows...
Current Specs: TV | Xbox | Controller | Pillow | Floor | Two Hands | Two Eyes | Tea-Making Facilities | Assorted Snacks.

User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#6

User Info: mikechips911

5 years ago#7
My Setup as of now.
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User Info: builder111

5 years ago#8
I was taking a picture of my mtb rims and watching the C's at the time, xbox is a little higher up so you can't see it

and a little Neil deGrasse Tyson for good measure

User Info: TheRavenKC

5 years ago#9 Play Like A Raven

User Info: unorthodox---09

5 years ago#10
I would post pictures if I wasn't so ashamed of my "cupboard" under the stairs style bedroom its so small I have sit on my bed to play games and watch TV :P but I will post pictures of my games collection and stuff.

But my setup goes like this

LG LM3400 42" 3D cinema
Some form of surround sound speakers no idea what it's called :P
Xbox left of tv and ps3 right of tv and the wii on top of the sub woofer thing
That's about it really standard setup

Also TC I'm envious of your setup it looks amazing
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