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The game you've beat the most?

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User Info: OHJOY90

4 years ago#271
Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with Pokémon Red a distant second. Played them an awful lot in the 1998-2001 before I got a Gamecube.
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User Info: ruceyod

4 years ago#272
Pokémon Gold version, about 24 times. It was my only game, didn't had much choice.
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User Info: pitt12177

4 years ago#273
FF3/6 about 9-10 times.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 about the same amount.

User Info: TheArcade

4 years ago#274
Phantom Miria, Rippling Ophelia, Teresa of the Faint Smile, Windcutter Flora, God-Eye Galatea

User Info: Fencie

4 years ago#275
Let's see....
Probably Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution.
I played the playstation version many times, trying to get all the party members and then making the best team I could. Then the psp version came out and there was a new character added, so I did it all over again. It didn't help that the it said there were over 80 possible endings :| AND depending on your choice of protagonist, you got or lost a character. So much time, haha
Grandia would probably be next. Not really any replayability, but I loved it! Probably my favorite game
Grandia Xtreme would be the next one, I'd always finish the game, but never go to the post game dungeon. Now I'm there and I'm trying to balance out all my characters. It's a mess, haha
Last one would more than likely be Dragon Age: Origins. I love this game. I got my first platinum for it! So many playthroughs. I hated being the warrior, but at least it's all done! All the origin stories... I admit, I cheated on the dwarf casteless. As soon as it was over, I was done. Made my Dwarf Noble/warrior and finished that playthrough. Never brought her over to Awakening.
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User Info: ArchMageSynok

4 years ago#276
Halo 1 for game "beaten", me and a friend played through the entire campaign in one sitting every weekend for about 2-3 years straight, Easily beat it over 100 times.

But as far as time played might go to Morrowind, I easily put 1500+ hours into that game, I had over 800hours with a single character.

User Info: nofxnofx

4 years ago#277
I have played Bayonetta a lot. I can get through the whole game in about three hours and I have about 120 hours on the clock. I have also played a lot of Mushihimesama Futari Black Lavel. For Longer games I have played the original Mass Effect through at least 12 times, Star Ocean 4 with postgame 3 times, and I am on my fourth run of Dark Souls.

Maybe the best, or worst, is Sacred 2. I have taken countless characters through to Niob which means four runs each. I have two save devices full of characters.

User Info: Lythiris

4 years ago#278
Majora's Mask. I probably beat it once annually. I'm sure some people do it daily, but I just don't have that kind of stamina.
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User Info: magx

4 years ago#279
GrandMast3r posted...
Ninja Gaiden Black, beaten over 15 times.

^This, but change 15 to at least 25.
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User Info: summerclaw

4 years ago#280
probably Marvel vs Capcom 2 Dreamcast. I didn't had a VMU and I used to play it everyday trying to get all characters. Got it for xbox and play it like 2 times.
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