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why did people hate homefront again?

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User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
5 years ago#41
shawnmck posted...
Infinite 2003 posted...

Worst post I've read in weeks. Absolutely riddled with ignorance. Battlefield has it's own distinct style. The only thing in it that even comes close is CQ, and it still feels nothing like CoD. Medal of Honor is more like a mash up between the two, but to call it a clone is ludicrous. Homefront may have similar controls but the campaign and MP are both superior to most recent CoD's.

CoD may be a AAA product in budget but you really must not play many games if you think it is in quality. MW2 and MW3 are possibly the worst two shooters I've played this gen, and I've played a lot of them. Black Ops 2 isn't sounding like a winner either. I've been playing the CoD series since CoD2 and the quality has dropped so much that I doubt I'll ever buy one again. So maybe you should try actually knowing what you're talking about next time, so you don't sound like such an ignorant fool.

^ And yet MW 2 & 3, and Black Ops 1 & 2 outscore Battlefield in just about every Review....and Homefront didn't even come close.
Battlefield has good multi-player, but the campaign in Battlefield 3 was average, especially when compared to the campaign of any CoD game.
Battlefield 3 didn't even sell as good as any of the CoD games.
And the truth remains that Battlefield 3's campaign was to try & cash in on the CoD popularity. Same thing with medal of Honor....and to a lesser extent, Homefront.
Seems to me you are the one who is "ignorant."

lol your so dense and naive. The majority of professional reviews are bought and paid for. You'll rarely see big name titles not get great review scores. Especially on the sites paid to run ads for the game. Sales are irrelevant. CoD is popular because it's simple and accessible, same with the majority of popular movies and music. Causal gamers love it because any one with a pulse can get kills in it.

I can't even tell what the hell you're getting at with the cash in on CoD's sucess thing in regards to campaign. Are you saying any military shooter with a campaign is ripping off CoD? You're just spouting nonsense, and I'm not really sure why I'm wasting my time on such a blatant CoD fanboy, who probably just jumped on the bandwagon with 4 or MW2 and doesn't even know the series as well as I do.

User Info: XT3M3

5 years ago#42
Ok ima try to point out all the things I read.


Yes the aiming is a bit on the wtf side with how "jumpy and messed" it can be at times and I do have minor complaints about running and jumping but other than these I really haven't seen many glitches to be spoken of. Game still fun online and etc.

Community/activty online
Game still has lots of people on it. Since Friday I only had 2 or 3 "dead" lobbies.

Its like cod/BF/MOH

Its more like a mix of cod and bf but other then the times you face the teams with the 4 tanks at once the game does this well.

Of course cod does cqb better and of course bf will do big game battle better. Both games have 20 years combined of experince at what they do. This was koas 2nd attempt at this and to me they did a really good job.

This isn't really a cod clone taking the fact cod stole the things from this game to add into MW3 and maybe bo2.
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User Info: Banana_Mana

5 years ago#43
I didn't like (hate is such a strong word) the fact that it seemed to be anti-North Korean propaganda.

Played the first 30 minutes at my brother's, and didn't care for the way it dealt with North Korea. I thought it was very childish.
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