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RPGs with good combat?

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User Info: Flare

5 years ago#61
Nile528 posted...
Kingdom Hearts 2

I actually found the combat in KH2 was a major step back from KH1. In KH1 you actually had to block and parry and pay attention to your magic consumption. KH2 was pretty much just *enter drive mode...obliterate everything with X button*. Plus, nothing will ever beat the first game's Sephiroth fight IMO.

User Info: DarkestSouls

5 years ago#62
...and Demon's Souls

User Info: Flare

5 years ago#63

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
5 years ago#64
What games have you guys played where you think Dark Souls has good combat?

It's alright, but not that great. And yes, I've finished Dark and Demon's Souls. I find its combat to be merely adequate. It's actually pretty annoying at times if you ask me.
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User Info: LotrMorgoth

5 years ago#65
dragon's dogma combat was probably best rpg combat of recent games

witcher 2 is an outstanding game; in the running for best story game of generation. . . combat is terrible. still worth playing the game
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User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#66
One a lot of people wont like, but I thought the combat was silky smooth, and fun. Fable 1-3.
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User Info: Walkman_005

5 years ago#67
Falcon X posted...
Can someone do me favor and describe what makes Dark Souls combat so good? I'm in no way bashing the game because I obviously have yet to play it, but after watching numerous videos it looks sooooo slow and plodding. All I ever see is...*swing mace....block....swing mace....block...etc* . Compared to the high speed God of War feel that KoA had, I can't see anything about this combat that looks entertaining just from watching videos. However, maybe there's things about it I'm missing. Like I said, not ripping on the game, just looking for some clarification.

Dragon's Dogma does look interesting however. Combat seems faster paced and I've heard that bows and magic are well done which is usually how I prefer to fight.

I understand how simply watching a video SEEMS that way. But when you play it, it is a whole different ball game.

The combat is combining strategy and action.

Yes with the weak enemies it's just "block" and swing. You can also parry an enemy and backstab.

You CANNOT go in just swinging like you do in every other RPG, you will die in seconds.

You have to play smart and safe. Enemies react to your hits, so you actually feel satisfaction when fighting.

Weapons also feel like they have weight.

Allow me to compare it. Take Skyrim. When you hit an enemy, they just stand there and take it. THey do not react. Skyrim is just a hack and slash in terms of combat. Not too mention the weapon generic-ness.

Dark Souls has tons of unique weapons, all with different move sets. It also has an amazing upgrade system.

The combat is very difficult until you learn how to play. That's what makes it so incredible.

I love both Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma. But the combat is easily better in Dark Souls. In DD you can still get away with button mashing.

User Info: Pensato

5 years ago#68
Not only is The Witcher 2's combat awful, but the game as a whole is pretty poorly designed. I'd stay way from it unless you really like the story which is all the game has going for it.

Dark Souls has good gameplay and a lot of variety in play style. It also has a lot of cheap bs which somewhat ruins what could have been an otherwise amazing game.

User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#69
The reason DSouls has such great combat is not just because it's responsive, has varied moves, enemies require different tactics to beat and because every class feels different. The real reason it's so great is because you can and will die.

Sure it may look a bit slow when you watch it on youtube, but you have to have played it to understand just whats going through the players head at that moment. Knowing that you're low on health and in an unfamiliar area, surrounded by groups of enemies that you've never faced before and very aware that if you screw up now then you have to do it all over again, makes you really appreciate every nuance of the games combat engine.

If you can be patient for the ten or so hours it takes you to get to grips with the games difficulty then this is a game that you shouldn't pass up. And don't think that the game is only praised for it's combat and difficulty either. The environments are varied and littered with hundreds of unique secrets, the enemy variety is some of the best of seen from a game of this nature, the game is 80 odd hours long and with tons of replayability, and the online component is actually quite brilliant.
I hate most online components and even I enjoyed this.
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