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Weird, obscure, overlooked or crappy 360 exclusives - list them!

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User Info: Sketcz

4 years ago#31
This is GameFaqs. Unfortunately I can't edit my first post. :(

When I have time later (I'm must dash in a second) I'll go through the topic, collect all the new entries, and repost a fuller list.

User Info: SoF-Rambo

4 years ago#32
DBZ Budokai HD collection. Most people don't even know it's out yet. I haven't seen any PS3 copy, either, so...
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User Info: Sketcz

4 years ago#33
Here's an updated list. I omitted Crackdown because it got quite a lot of publicity back in the day. I also left XBLA games, to gfocus on disc games. But feel free to create an XBLA list and post it alongside mine.

PC ports are accepted, games ported to or from other consoles are omitted.

A-Train HX
Akai Katana
Blue Dragon
Bomberman: Act Zero
Bullet Witch
Call of Juarez (first one - ported from PC)
Civil War: A Nation Divided
Culdscept Saga
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force (JPN disc release - REGION FREE)
Darkest Days
Darkstar One
DBZ Budokai HD collection
Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm
Deadly Premonition
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Divinity 2: Ego Draconis
DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou (did it get a US release?)
Earth Defence Force 2017
Kengo: Legend of the 9 - (this game is awesome!)
Last Remnant
Lost Odyssey
Magna Carta 2 (Korean developed RPG)
MuchiMuchi Pork / Pink Sweets (JPN shmup - REGION FREE)
Mushihime-Sama Futari
Ninja Blade
Oneechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
Operation Darkness - (probably my favourite 360 game)
Otomedius Excellent
Project Sylpheed
Raiden IV
Raiden Fighters
Spectral Force 3 - (I hated this game - sold it!)
Tenchu Z
Too Human (all copies recalled! Get it while it lasts!)
Wartech: Senko no Ronde
Sneak King
Tropica 3 & 4
Viva Pinata
Zoids Assault

Too Human intrigues me. Videos make it look terrible. But they've recalled all copies (legal reasons - court mandated), meaning it could become quite rare.

User Info: ArkonBlade

4 years ago#34
AikonMonk posted...
From: Sketcz | #001
Earth Defence Force 2017

You, sir/ma'am, are wise beyond your years. Don't wait for this gem; get it now.

I second this.
SRPG games...i just love them!
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#35
vigorm0rtis posted...
Bloodbowl is freaking awesome.

Dammit. I totally forgot that I own that game.
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User Info: AndrosPsy

4 years ago#36
Thanks Sketcz, I really needed that list, because HaloGearsForza is really making me sick. I'm sorry we had to remove Mass Effect from the list, but hey, that's not important right? I will buy Too Human and Lost Odyssey soon, if I can.
Gamertag: AndrosPsy
Sorry for my English.

User Info: Nixemo

4 years ago#37
Deathsmiles (Localized Japanese Shmup)
Akai Katana (Localized Japanese Shmup)
Blue Dragon (JRPG with art by the guy who did Dragonball Z)
Kameo: Elements Of Power (Launch title, adventure title by Rare of Banjo Kazooie fame)
Viva Pinata (Also by Rare, simulation game involving raising Pinatas... trust me it's fun)
Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise (Great sequel to the first)

Definitely get EDF: 2017. The sequel (EDF: Insect Armageddon) is mildly enjoyable as well.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#38
Dead Island
Binary Domain

User Info: AndrosPsy

4 years ago#39
I'm 100% sure that the last two games on that list are also on PS3.
Gamertag: AndrosPsy
Sorry for my English.

User Info: kst8er

4 years ago#40
wrexwrecks posted...
TC auto-wins for having Darkstar One on his list.

I'm not a "retro" gamer, but Darkstar One was just so adorably retro I couldn't help but love it

i tried to like this game so bad. im a huge fan of the wing commander type games and loved Tachyon the fringe but i just couldnt get into this game at all.
"Urination when excited can be a long term problem" -- vigorm0rtis
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