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Series that killed their own legacy this generation.

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User Info: darklinkfan55

5 years ago#181
soul calibur and final fantasy
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User Info: pfh1001

5 years ago#182
Mass Effect

User Info: Necronmon

5 years ago#183
To Sinful, I see you never played Xenogears or Saga, because those three you mentioned are far from the best stories in my eyes, they are up there but not the best.

About Galaxy 2, its laziness was oozing out of it, the plot was a joke, the game play was even more linear then Galaxy, and mostly more of the same, the new power ups were used less often then the ones in Galaxy, Bowser was even more pathetic, and anyone who thinks the Green Star idea was good, loses all of my respect.

Land, I did not even play, but it seemed once more, more of the same old and just using 3D gimmicks. Most of all I am tired of them not even bothering to do anything new with Mario, anything at all. For god sake, use Wario or Wart, Bowser at this point, its just boring and its just a joke at this point, and the fights are not even funny.

Skyward Sword, its the opposite extreme. The game had to much change for the sake of change. The flying looked nice, but was a empty world that had little purpose other then to do what Myomoto wanted, the amount of things you could do in the sky was pathetic compared to Wind Walker or Twilight Princess.

The motion stuff REALLY did not change anything to the story, non of the motion stuff REALLY changed anything it just made everything more of a pain, and gave off the illusion that it did. I hated the fetch quests and the phantom zone stuff, more filler then needed, even for a Zelda game. Was not found of the plot or music either.

Ill stand by liking a Metriod other M, the story could be better, but, I did not think it was to bad. I did like that it felt like Super Metriod, I just wish for a game like it, but on a world like Zebus with more freedom, that would be golden.

Its all about balance, games like Megaman 9 and the New Super Mario bros that are to lazy are just working off pepole being lazy.

But, games like Final Fantasy 13 and Skyward sword and Resident Evil 6 that try and change to be appealing for everyone end up mutating the game to something that is not even what made it fun in the first place.

Its tricky, and all of those rushed games like Soul Caliber 5 show what happens when you get to lazy, while games like Bomberman Zero, and Banjo and Kazzoie nuts and bolts show what happened when you change the game series to something beyond what it ever should have been.
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User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#186
GooBacksBack posted...
Soul Calibur.

I haven't played a SC game since you could be Star Killer, was the last game that bad? I just thought people for some reason lost interest in the series but never understood why.
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User Info: LordofCashland

5 years ago#187
Had anyone mentioned "Metroid: Other M" yet?
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User Info: ZombieAkane

5 years ago#188
randomweirdo posted...
Geist posted...
randomweirdo posted...
Geist posted...
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy killed their own legacy last gen tbh.

I disagree, 10 and 12 were great, 13 is a hole to hell lined with boredom.

Great? The characters in 12 were cardboard cutouts except maybe for Balthier and a couple of minor characters. The story sure wasn't anything special, just the normal FF brand of empire wanting to rule the world. In fact, it was just pretty much a rehash of FF6 or FF2, but 6 did a better job with interesting plot. Gameplay wise, it was utterly tedious and I would have quit likely if I didn't have the pleasure of staring at Balthier.

It had great potential, and just fell flat.

10 was okay, but it had far too many drawbacks to be a great game in the series. If it were a standalone title it would be good, but you compare it to other FF games, it falls flat.

Though to be quite honest, I think the legacy was killed with FF7 because then they became shiny and pretty but with little substance. Square/Enix just forgot that what made the series awesome was how they pushed the limits in every aspect, not just graphically. Instead they concentrated on graphics and the rest tended to fall flat because it was an afterthought at best.

I'll admit, I haven't played 13, but that is mostly because I hated 10 and 12 and have pretty much given up on the fact that Square/Enix can create a decent game with the name Final Fantasy on it and instead is now creating mediocre games and milking the brand for sales like they are doing by porting the old titles tot pretty much every system they can.

Hahaha, oh man. You are all kinds of wrong bro.

FF10? Getting a remake due to success.
FF7? The best FF to date, has made billions with its spin-offs alone.
FF13? Sold 182 million copies worldwide.
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User Info: mtjormitch

5 years ago#189
Sinfullyvannila posted...
Yet both are terrible by literally any game made nowadays. Why play Mario when I can play Bioshock? Or Metro 2033? Or To the Moon? Why play something storyless when it rots my mind when I can play a video game with a actual story. Tell me why.

Why play any videogame instead of reading a novel? I can only think of 3 games with legitimately well told stories and memorable stories: Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy Tactics and Planescape: Torment.

And Torment is an absolutely horrible and boring game because it focuses completely on story to the detriment of gameplay.

Games don't need stories to be fun. They are simply a framing device for your character's actions. On the rare occasion that the stories are any good, hey, that's a great bonus. But it almost never happens.

...did you really go there with that dumbass comment at the beginning. It voids your opinion entirely because of how inhumanly moronic and ignorant it truly is. It is a comment that deserves to die and for people to be banned over in video game websites. It is 100% ignorant and I will and shall not respect a human being who uses such a terrible statement it is.

Yes. That statement is that moronic and you should feel ashamed for proving your horrible untrue opinion that insults video games as a whole. Get out of this site. You sicken me.

Also only three... oh... so the past 20 years of amazing games with amazing stories=nothing then? Get out of my sight.

Planetscape torment is still better than 99% of games made today though.

Why have fun with something mindless when you can have fun with something that is actually stimulating? Oh yeah... gamers are morons. Much like you yourself proved with that terrible statement. YOU CAN HAVE FUN WITH A STORY BASED GAME! Oh wait... I forgot, gamers are to much of morons to get this fact as well as the one which gameplay only games are just a waste of time. Why play tetris when I can play Bioshock? Seriously? Why play a timewasting piece of junk when I can play a modern classic?

No one has been able to go against this argument. At all.
People need to realize that games are art. Seriously, it's been proven over and over again. I think it's about time to people to man up and finally say this.

User Info: niels200683

5 years ago#190
Did anyone say Ace Combat yet?

The first ones were awesome.
Then came Assault Horizon.
Legacy for 3DS was ok, but that's because it was a remake of 2.
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