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Series that killed their own legacy this generation.

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User Info: Carribean_Cool

5 years ago#231
Sinfullyvannila posted...
I think I said the word "novel" and Mitch's brain exploded.

Ok this made me laugh!
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User Info: GooBacksBack

5 years ago#232
Bring back Phantom Dust

User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#233
pothocket posted...
Hey scrubs, ME2 SAVED the series. Number 1 is barely playable as a game. Also, that series was introduced this generation.

A real answer for this topic would be something like Resident Evil.

somehow i am not sure if your a troll or dumb The franchise was saved
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User Info: Legionnaire76

5 years ago#234
Soul Calibur - If they want to make money re-release SC2 on XBOX with all 3 exclusive characters and dedicated online play, best fighter ever, series just kept going downhill from 2.

Resident Evil - I just barely made myself finish Leon's campaign in 6, it's really awful now. The feel is all wrong, theres nothing survival-horror left in it. Reboot the series with RE1 like the gamecube REmake and Dead Space style control layout and you will resurrect this series.

Final Fantasy - thirteen three? seriously? the first one was awful. Remake FF7, make billions of dollars, then come up with a new series line so you stop ruining the FF name.

User Info: Gameninja521

5 years ago#235
Most of the games mentioned are actually really good games if you look at them as a standalone game instead of a game in a series.
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User Info: creep50

5 years ago#236
Gameninja521 posted...
Most of the games mentioned are actually really good games if you look at them as a standalone game instead of a game in a series.

like nuts and bolts????

if only they had made it a new ip....
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User Info: Juhanor

5 years ago#237
TheArcade posted...
Spider-Man Games - The last game left a sour taste in peoples mouths. They should honestly have left it at Ultimate Spider-Man. Spidey 2 is a masterpiece. Sure Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions are solid but those in between games really hurt the wallcrawler. Makes me wish I could go back to the days of Maximum Carnage, Spider-Man Arcade and Spidey vs. Kingpin for Sega CD.

I've gotta disagree on this one. Beenox has made three fantastic Spidey games in such a short period of time. Even their most flawed game - EoT - had an excellent "What If?" storyline and plenty of fanservice to boot. Maybe not worth 60 bucks, but a great game nonetheless.

If I had to pick two:

Ninja Gaiden - Team Ninja doesn't know what to do with the series. They flip-flop so much, it's painful to watch. "Hey, you know what's great? One Ninpo, one weapon, dumbed down combat, QTEs, multiplayer, no de-limbing or gore, and a moronic story that makes Ryu your standard anime dark hero!" A few months later... "Wait, what? The people that made the series a success hated our lame new take on NG?! We should listen to their legitimate complaints.... and make the more tolerable game on a wholly different console!" A few months later... "Ok, fine. You guys get the port of the game you should have had in the first place. Still sucks though!"


Halo - I can't see how any person who has read the books and is in Halo for the storyline actually likes where 343i is taking the story. Letting a book like Glasslands get published basically made me realize that 343 is in it for one thing, and that thing is money.

User Info: Blitzoff1987

5 years ago#238
devlkore posted...

Admittedly, I haven't actually played the new one, but from all the video reviews I have seen of it, I have no desire to, whereas a sequel in the same vein as the previous 2, I have been waiting for since forever.

Come in to say this. The game is garbage and the music makes it even more unplayable (I can't stand the music that Skrillex produces).

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User Info: digitalwill2000

5 years ago#239
Geist posted...
Final Fantasy

And Assassins Creed
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User Info: BlueJester007

5 years ago#240
How could this topic be forgotten?
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