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Series that killed their own legacy this generation.

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User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#241
Ghost Recon Future Soldier...the once juggernaut of extreme tactical shooting, reduced itself to a run and gun sensor fest. Bad call by Ubisoft; had they developed a game that was slow paced and would have been the clear choice for anti call of duty fans.

This is what made ghost recon popular a land of twich shooters and sci-fi fps was the opposite, and spent years in the top 3 xbox live games played on the original xbox..ever since then they felt they had to ruin it more and more...

Splinter Cell...conviction dumped what made splinter cell popular, in order to become popular with the run and gun "action crowd...another bad move with ubisoft...

The theme went from being a government operative that could get in and out of your bed room, and steal your fillings from your teeth without a trace of you even being a fake ass jason born...they also thought it was a good idea to scrap the most innovative online gamemode in decades (spies vs mercs), and the next one looks like even more michael ironside, daylight one man assaults on heavily armed terrorist camps...calling in airstrikes 10ft in front of you...

come to think of it Ubisoft really ruined everything in the tom clancy universe...the focus was realism...they release Hawx...and failed horribly more with hawx 2

They sat on rainbow six for over 5 years...they'll change everything that made it a good franchise, and sell it out again...

I don't know why ubisoft wants to go against what it's customers would think they would learn at the difference between how many people STILL have chaos theory, and how many convictions are in the bargin bin...

ubisoft is uber stupid
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User Info: GooBacksBack

4 years ago#242
They ruined HOMM6 pretty bad so I too hate UbiSoft

User Info: StrataElite

4 years ago#243
Final Fantasy 13, Mass Effect 2, 3. Fable Journey, oh here is a good one Turok (did not kill it's own legacy on the Xbox, but killed the Turok legacy). I'll see if I can think of more.
That's right I'm disagreeing with your opinion ban me for it.
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