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Series that killed their own legacy this generation.

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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#41
I have to agree with Fable...and to a lesser extent, RE 6.

I loved Fable 1, but Fable 2 wasn't anything special...and Fable 3 was awful, imho.

RE6 is actually a good game, but it takes some mis-steps that really piss me off, such as its over use of QTE's, and bosses that don't die and you have to fight like 4 times.
Talk about repetitive.

User Info: ReDxVaLoO

4 years ago#42
randomweirdo posted...
Geist posted...
randomweirdo posted...
Geist posted...
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy killed their own legacy last gen tbh.

I disagree, 10 and 12 were great, 13 is a hole to hell lined with boredom.

Great? The characters in 12 were cardboard cutouts except maybe for Balthier and a couple of minor characters. The story sure wasn't anything special, just the normal FF brand of empire wanting to rule the world. In fact, it was just pretty much a rehash of FF6 or FF2, but 6 did a better job with interesting plot. Gameplay wise, it was utterly tedious and I would have quit likely if I didn't have the pleasure of staring at Balthier.

It had great potential, and just fell flat.

10 was okay, but it had far too many drawbacks to be a great game in the series. If it were a standalone title it would be good, but you compare it to other FF games, it falls flat.

Though to be quite honest, I think the legacy was killed with FF7 because then they became shiny and pretty but with little substance. Square/Enix just forgot that what made the series awesome was how they pushed the limits in every aspect, not just graphically. Instead they concentrated on graphics and the rest tended to fall flat because it was an afterthought at best.

I'll admit, I haven't played 13, but that is mostly because I hated 10 and 12 and have pretty much given up on the fact that Square/Enix can create a decent game with the name Final Fantasy on it and instead is now creating mediocre games and milking the brand for sales like they are doing by porting the old titles tot pretty much every system they can.

You have some good points, but you can at least say that 10 and 12 were DECENT games. Sadly, the same can't be said about 13. I beat that game and I honestly can't remember the plot or even the antagonist of it, not speaking for the gameplay but based on the story, 13 was pretty bad.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#43
Tigercml posted...
pothocket posted...
Hey scrubs, ME2 SAVED the series. Number 1 is barely playable as a game.

ME2 was garbage. It didn't save the series it turned it into a generic shooter. Which is probably why you like it, especially with you saying ME1 was unplayable. You like ME2 because it was easy linear garbage where all you did was spam one power. No wonder why you like it. It takes no brain power to play. Don't hate on ME1 because you weren't smart enough to figure out how to utilize your powers because of the cooldown time instead of just spamming the most powerful one the entire time like you did in ME2.

LOLZ. Dude, learn how to have an argument. If I bothered to take you seriously I'd need a paragraph for every sentence you wrote. That's how full of wrong you are. In the meantime, I'd love to hear how I played through the 3rd game. Got any insight on that one?
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User Info: Pawkie07

4 years ago#44
Dragon Age 2

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#45
Parasite Eve

User Info: MertensCW

4 years ago#46
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy
Ninja Gaiden - Hayashi has to go. He's on pace to completely ruin the series for ever. Allow someone else to bring it back as Itagaki had or let it sleep for a while.
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User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#47
The utter lack of DEF JAM in this topic offends me.

Granted, they only had two games before this gen, but it was a series that had potential. And then Kudo Tsamouda's dumb ass took that potential and shot it in the forehead at point-blank range with a shotgun when he made Def Jam: Icon.

The ONLY thing that THAT game was an Icon for is suckage...pure, unmittigated, unadulterated SUCKAGE.

What could have grown into a great series is now in shambles, just as I wish his career was.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

4 years ago#48
Medal of Honor as well.

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#49
Also, NBA Live.

This series started to die after they let some french dude take over the project with Live 2005, and it has been pretty much **** ever since.

They had 2 ...decent... versions with 08 and 09, but I use the word 'decent' loosely even with those. The rest have been garbage, and that is provided they EVEN GOT RELEASED!!! 07 was straight up canceled on PS3 and SHOULD HAVE BEEN on 360. We won't even talk about the last 2-3 years where there hasn't even been a release!

If I were EA at this point, I would scrap ALL plans to do a 360/ps3 version of Live (or whatever they want to call it). My sole mission at this point regarding an NBA game would be to ramp up production for the game on nextgen systems. You've already lost this gen, and it is pointless to continue wasting effort on it. Start now, get a jump on nextgen, and hope like hell that you do better with that than you did with this gen. Because if you can't do better than you did with this gen, you should not be making these games at all.
Alabama Crimson Tide: 2011-12 National Champions.

User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#50
GTA 4 I found it boring compared to other GTA ...and then there's Roman
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