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Series that killed their own legacy this generation.

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User Info: Aqua69696

4 years ago#51
The Elder Scrolls.
The advent of Skyrim has shown that rather than fix the myriad problems present in their games, Bethesda will embrace them, using freedom to make people think that it's a good game. There is no balance (Stamina>>>Magicka in every way, more encumbrance, sprinting, and more damage) The combat remains pitiful, with each weapon being the exact same to the point of mace decapitations, the characters are painfully 2-D, with the antagonist in each questline being painfully obvious from the moment you hear them speak (Wow, a*****e Thalmor/Thief Guild leader was a BAD GUY?)

Instead of fixes to the best part of the game, we get Simmian features like butterfly catching, homemaking and such. Morrowinds problems were acceptabe due to tech issues, Oblivion was a new console, but Skyrim has no excuse.
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User Info: matu90rk

4 years ago#52
Ninja Gaiden
Resident Evil
and probably DMC when DmC comes out

User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#53
pothocket posted...
Hey scrubs, ME2 SAVED the series. Number 1 is barely playable as a game. Also, that series was introduced this generation.

If the series was in such peril like you suggested, then the 2nd one wouldn't have been made in the first place derp.


Soul Calibur

Star Wars in general. Last gen we had the Jedi Knight series, Rouge Squadron, Republic Commando, Battlefront series, KOTOR series. What do we have this gen? TFU and Star Wars kinect, and a MMO game that should have been KOTOR III.

Splinter Cell

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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#54
There are quite a few to choose from, but nothing comes close to the damage Resident Evil and Metroid did to themselves. Not only did they release some very bad games that were completely out of touch with what once made the series great, they actually managed to make me hate the characters from the older games as well.
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#55
Carpetfluff posted...
Medal of Honor as well.

This. MoH should have stayed WWII. We never needed another modern setting.
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User Info: mir040991

4 years ago#56
Xbox 360 exclusivity helped kill Tales of Vesperia in the States. I mean really Namco Bandai? It should have been on PS3.

User Info: Tigercml

4 years ago#57
pothocket posted...
Tigercml posted...
pothocket posted...
Hey scrubs, ME2 SAVED the series. Number 1 is barely playable as a game.

ME2 was garbage. It didn't save the series it turned it into a generic shooter. Which is probably why you like it, especially with you saying ME1 was unplayable. You like ME2 because it was easy linear garbage where all you did was spam one power. No wonder why you like it. It takes no brain power to play. Don't hate on ME1 because you weren't smart enough to figure out how to utilize your powers because of the cooldown time instead of just spamming the most powerful one the entire time like you did in ME2.

LOLZ. Dude, learn how to have an argument. If I bothered to take you seriously I'd need a paragraph for every sentence you wrote. That's how full of wrong you are. In the meantime, I'd love to hear how I played through the 3rd game. Got any insight on that one?

Probably the same way you played through ME2. Spam one power. Because that's all you had to do in those garbage games.

Answer me this. You say that ME1 is unplayable. How is it unplayable? What problems did the game have that you weren't able to play it let alone finish it? Because I played through ME1 many times and I never had any problems.

The fact is ME1 had no issues. And if you claim that the game was unplayable that means you just sucked at the game and couldn't figure out how to play it or what to do. Sorry if you suck but don't blame the game. Too many people these days claim that video games are bad but the reality is that the person playing the game is just garbage.

User Info: renzsweet

4 years ago#58
Mass Efeect for sure. They started one way, ended another. The very definition of ending a legacy.
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 years ago#59
randomweirdo posted...
Geist posted...
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy killed their own legacy last gen tbh.

No. 10 10-2 and 12 were still great games. I even played 11 for 2 years
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User Info: King of Swing

King of Swing
4 years ago#60
Resident Evil
Ninja Gaiden
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