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What do you think about video game reviews?

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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#21
From: creep50 | #020
then there is also this....



Wait. What is off about that?
Do you want to read awesomely rad reviews and articles? No? ****.

User Info: _OujiDoza_

4 years ago#22
There OK to read every now and then, they don't do any real harm honestly.
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User Info: IceteaCrisis

4 years ago#23
for me reviews are a very small part of my game buying strategy.

Watch what people call glowing previews
Try Demo if possible
if not/and...
Watch actual game play
Consider possible sales and promotions for game.
Decide if or not the game is worth it for me
Buy, Hold off or don't buy

Reviews help when i need that final little nudge to get or not get the game. When the price is not a great deal but ok, and the game does not blow me away but looks alright. I will glance over a review

User Info: creep50

4 years ago#24
Arucard05 posted...
From: creep50 | #020
then there is also this....



Wait. What is off about that?

sometimes i dont know if you are being sarcastic or not
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User Info: DragoonAnger

4 years ago#25
RPG_Apostle posted...
I read the five lowest and five highest scores.

If everyone says the camera has issues, then odds are that it does.

If one guy says it, it tends to be that particular person wasn't a fan of it.

That goes for most of the issues in games and not just the camera. If everyone complains that inventory management is clunky, then guess what? It's clunky. If it turns out that only one person said it's clunky, it's typically personal preference.

So I do that to discover the pros and cons of the game, if the subject matter appeals to me, the game modes available, all aspects.

This is pretty much my process as well.

User Info: Nintatterdemon

4 years ago#26
Generally garbage. I mainly look for reviews from friends or an overall consensus. Is the game fun/not too buggy? Does it have a decent amount of gameplay? That kind of stuff.

User Info: WBH420

4 years ago#27
Have you ever cancelled a pre order over a review?
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User Info: cadethebigshow

4 years ago#28
I have always had a stance on game reviews as being the only form of media/entertainment reviews you can truly trust and go by. Think about this:

Movie/Music reviews vary drastically based on the person. Movie and Music are never really flawed, they just cater to different people. I never trust movie/music reviews because those reviewers do not have the same taste as me. One of the worst reviewed movies ever "Jack and Jill" was actually funny, but of course not to everyone.

Video Game reviews actually has "technical" things to review. Glitches, camera issues, graphics, sound, online options and play-ability etc. So when reviewers say a game has a horrible camera that affects the game and makes it hard to is going to be the same for everyone! When the graphics look last gen and there is slow down, it is going to happen to everyone! There is always a slight degree of opinion in video games reviews because some people do/do not like FPS or sports games or RPG's but overall video game reviews are trustworthy and if you look, if a game gets 9/10 from someone you can bet almost every reviewer is going to review it highly.
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User Info: Kisnwell

4 years ago#29
Some reviewers complain about odd things. I find the consistency to be a lot like with music;/album reviews. Sometimes I can play the same thing this person played and think to myself, "No idea what this person is hearing/doing" or whatever.

I am much more enticed by playing samples than I am over a review. Let me get a little taste before I decide.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#30
WBH420 posted...
Have you ever cancelled a pre order over a review?

No. I don't preorder unless I KNOW I'm getting it day 1. If I know I'm getting a game I don't read reviews for reasons I stated in my previous post.
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